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An excursion to the shelter

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Monday was my shelter day, and here are just a few of cats I dealt with:

Jackie has been taken out of her cage. She just cringed in fear in the cage, but in the "fat cat" room, she's doing better. Whenever I walk into the shelter and she hears my voice, she comes out to the doorway and starts talking to me. Wonder where she got the crossed eyes?

Here is an Ike kitty. She was picked up a the Port Bolivar ferry terminal. If you've seen the Ike photo of a spit of sand where there used to be houses and there aren't any more, that is Point Bolivar, I believe. She has been pretty terrified, but if you put her in your lap, she turns into a lover, with a weak little purr.

Asia was adopted from our shelter, then brought back a couple of months later. Something happened in the meantime; she was pretty friendly, but now she hisses at the least provocation. She runs and hides, and you risk your face if you put it down to where she is. But get her on your lap, and, again, she turns loving. I'm guessing there were kids in the house that chased her around.

This elderly lady, 13 years old, appears to be in great health. Her owners were transferred and couldn't take their two female, spayed, declawed cats. Her cage mate got adopted, but she isn't having much luck. She's calm and really likes getting out of the cage and getting some attention.

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Awwww!!! Big for your shelter babies!
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I know someone who lived on the Bolivar Peninsula - there is nothing left there. I can only imagine what that poor kitty went through.

The cross eyed kitty....we had one on the farm that looked just like her - dilute calico. Her mommy was "part Siamese" & all the kittens in her litter had cross eyes.
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Those are such gorgeous cats...I don't get why so many are abandoned for no good reason. Sending many adoption vibes for all of them, especially the elderly girl. Jook at those dainty paws! If I could I'd go get her right now!
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Awww, your shelter kitties are beautiful. Here's vibes that they all find good homes before long where no nasty kids will chase them around!
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