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I work for Xerox Global Services, handling service/supplies for a major account, Eli Lilly. I have been there going on 5 years now and have been working towards a promotion as an Asset Coordinator, which basically means I would be managing the database of the assets themselves for major account. I SHOULD find out within the next week if I got the promotion or not.
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Auto Adjuster.
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Still equity research.
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I work for Wal-Mart in human resources.My title is Training Coordinator...basically I am assistant to the personnel manager.I oversee the training and orientation for all new associates,make sure that all associates and management stay on top of their training,assist with insurance enrollment,scheduling for the store,the personnel files are my domain...I maintain them as they are supposed to be.I love my job,my store and management team are amazing,my personnel manager is absolutely awesome,and I have been at the same store for almost 24 years.
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Bellaandme, which restaurant do you work at? My husband and I usually go to Palomino's twice a year or so. We live in Ft. Wayne, but have family in Indy. We're probably going to head back down there in March to eat somewhere nice.

I work as an emergency dispatcher- answering 911 and business line phones, dispatching Fire, Police, and EMS, among other things. I love my job! I also volunteer as a chaplain at a local hospital, which is what my degree is in.
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Bellaandme, which restaurant do you work at?
Yes please share, My DH is from Lafayette Indiana, and we go out to visit his family once a year or so. Also, when we fly out we always spend some time in Indianapolis. He too was in the resturant business in fact he went to Purdue for it so we are always looking for good places to eat.

I am a music teacher, freelance musician and graduate student.
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I'm currently classed as a full-time student. I'm just about to enter my third year of my Bachelor of Hospitality Management. I'm currently a senior staff member at a NZ owned & operated fancy burger chain. I just got my first pay rise $0.50c and I'm excited.

On completion of my degree depending on my financial situation I may undergo further study or I may look for a position at a local hotel.
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I work for the state health department as an environmental specialist. I write public health assessments and consultations for Superfund sites in the state (toxic waste sites). We make recommendations to a branch of the CDC, then they will forward it to the EPA and they can do what they want with our recommendations, but we can't force them to clean up sites. We also conduct investigations if there are lots of concerns/health problems in one area. I've only been here 2 months but I think I have a pretty cool job because I get to help people. Think Erin Brokovich

Before this I worked at Home Depot for a year because of the bad economy, but I am extremely thankful to be out of there finally. I hated retail!
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Right now I'm just a student.

I worked at a bowling alley in high school and managed to get to work in the back on the machines. I started out just catching minor calls like when a ball was stuck and couldn't get back up.

I was then sent to Ohio for training to become certified on the machines. I got certified to do heavy rebuilding work on the machines. Most of them were installed 40 or so years ago so they require constant maintenance to keep running well nowadays, I'm also 1 of about 30 people worldwide who have a level II certification on Kegel oil machines. I went to Florida to get that certification.

However that's not what I want to do for a living. I'm currently trying to keep my grades up enough to get into vet school. I was misguided and apathetic in high school and graduated with about a C average. Mind you this is my 1st semester back to school so I've got a long ways to go still but I'm currently on stride for a 4.0 It's the greatest feeling ever to finally be achieving what I always thought I could but never worked hard enough for in high school!
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I'm a full time student working on my bachelor's in biology.

I also work part time as a vet tech at a feline only practice. I've been working there right at a year now.

The plan is to start applying to vet school in another 2 or 3 years. Hopefully I'll get in before I actually complete undergrad, but that is highly, highly, HIGHLY unlikely (in the history of my university I think maybe...5 have gotten in before getting their bachelor's). So for now, and for a very very long time to come, my life is studying, .
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I'm a customer service/account manager for a nationwide transportation co.
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I've worked in the same library for many years, having had various jobs. For the past 8 years, I've been a cataloger. (I like to say I put the "cat" in cataloger, but that's just too silly!)
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I m a full time housewife, I look after our 3 children aged 8, 4 and 2, do the school runs, cook all the meals, sort out all the bills, do half of the shopping on my own, all the household chores and I also run an ebay shop with my mum selling jewellery, handbags and accessories.Oh and I am still waiting to hear back from the cats protection league about my cat operator line job, its been a whle now. My hubby works 60 hours a week for UK Coal driving a dumper truck at an open cast mine. x
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I lost my job since I posted on this last (the store closed down). I now work at the dollar store in the same mall. I am hoping to get a full time office job soon or try to go back to school.
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I am an artist, but had to put my art aside a few years ago to make sure I have regular income. Currently I work for Holiday Image, they are one of the top 2 holiday decor companies located in Long Island City,NY. I am definitely still working artistically, but the pay really sucks there! I am surviving, barely. My other carrier which I will go back to come spring is garden design/landscaping. I really love working with plants!
Times are tough these days, but we are tougher, right!?
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