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my title is Crew Clerk and that basically means that I am clerical support for a sales team

I also work part-time at a restaurant on the weekends as a cook and bu-fay person

AND I go to school part-time!!

oh yeah, and can't forget the most important one, servant to 12 cats and a dog
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I am a merchandiser and working on my own pet toy and bedding business ...
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...having been recently downsized from the corporate world, i now own and operate a mail and parcel center (our types of businesses are called MPC's)...the concept is similar to The UPS Store. I'm an authorized ship center for FedEx and USPS, we have private mailbox rentals, we copy, fax and are an agent for WesternUnion, have notary service - even shredding service, not only to accommodate the home, but small businesses, too. I've had good corporate training (26 years of it - 17 years in accounting + 9 in Human Resources.)
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I work at a minimarket. It was full time until my accident, but since she had to hire someone to replace me until i could work again. The lady would only agree to do it if she was guaranteed 3 days once i returned, which is NOT fair, since that left me with 2 days. Anyway, since i only work 2 days a week, i do other things. I take care of the cats, scoop the litterbox. I wash mine and my bfs clothes, i keep our room clean. I clean up the house for my bfs mom while she is at work. Stuff like that.
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I'm the assistant to the president of a telescope company. I love my job! I have a great boss, who I help manage his life, who truly appreciates it. and is always letting me know, how much he appreciates my help. (not enough boss' tell their employees that.) I also do web design, office management, you name it... I do it.
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I do sales for an electrical distributor. Meh, it pays the bills. I would really like to go into Human Resources or the medical field (i.e. being an office manager of a medical office) I'm still in that "i don't know what i want to do with my life" stage.
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I'm a senior staff officer in the Technical Services group of the Canadian Coast Guard in Ottawa (HQ). Until just recently I had operated/managed/run the CCG Internet & Intranet web sites. I started a 1 yr assignment doing that in '95 and that 1 yr assignment lasted 13.5 yrs so it was time for a change. Now I'm back to my roots doing some cool stuff with financial reporting systems for performance management & risk management. I'm a ships officer by trade (Logistics) and sailed on ships for 11 yrs followed by a 1.5 yr stint at the College as an instructor.
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My main occupation is a project manager, but it's not as rewarding as I'd like a job to be. I'm currently studying for a business degree, and am changing over to study nursing next year.
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Originally Posted by SophieC View Post
LOL......now I know you're talking about an air-cooled VW! I'm working on mine at the moment. What year is yours?
Another Air Head! Cool! I've got two, actually... one doesn't totally count, since it's a Vanagon ('86) and water cooled, but at least it's still a boxer and has the engine in the right end of the car (rear).

My main ride, which is awaiting a new generator & fan at the moment, is a brown '68 bug with a brand spanking new longblock, built by me. It's mostly stock (1600, singleport, 205aa vacuum distributor and solex/brosol h30/31 carb) except for a header & quietpack which bumped my highway mileage up quite a bit (mid 30s mpg).... but much higher if i run the stinger, which doesn't happen very often. sorry, waaaaay off topic... i'm a gearhead with a hair trigger.

Off topic enough? Ahh, but the Bug is primarily responsible for me meeting my two kitties, which were both strays. Both cats met me while I was outside doing maintenance and repairs on it, and that's why I got to know both of them so well... they'd come and keep me company and force me to take a break now and then. Our first cat, pumpkin, almost got named Volksie, but my S.O. intervened.
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Not sure if I have replied to this topic or not, but...here goes...

This is what I do...

This is also what I do...and it's my passion (no, not the riding hotel carts...although it's a perk, haha!)...Youth Ministry; I'm a Youth Pastor...I volunteer currently, though...
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I recently graduated from vet school and work as a vet at a wonderful feline vet hospital. I also still do pt work at Tufts ER center when they need me. (There are not enough vet schools and too many cats and other pets in need of good vet care!).

I LOVE it and am still at the stage where when someone says Dr., I look to see who they are addressing and then realize it is me, lol
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I am an Office assistant at Animal Control, someday to be an Animal Control Officer! Cause I am going to kick you know what and take names! In the meantime I do license processing while answering the phones and get either yelled at or peed on, on a daily basis. Man my job is great!
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I work in the governance for a medical specialty professional association.

My department has nothing to do with the government, but rather with the governing of the organization. I work with our Board of Governors, managing the logistics and social aspects for all of their meetings. I also manage the orientation program and leadership development for our network of volunteer members. We have about 900 doctors who volunteer their time to serve on 80 committees. I also do training and development for the professional staff employees who work directly with our committees.
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I'm an RN Surgical First Assistant. Basically, I assist the primary surgeon during surgery. I am also the General/Plastic Surgery Service Specialty Coordinator, which means that I keep all of the General and Plastic surgeon's preference cards up to date, research instrumentation, submit purchases for Capitol Budget, trouble shoot equipment, supplies and instruments....and I'm the personal whipping boy for seven General Surgeons, one Colo-Rectal Surgeon, and two Plastic Surgeons. I absolutely LOVE assisting in surgery. I'm less enthused about the 'Middle Management/Coordinator' position...but was encouraged by several of the surgeons to apply for the position when it became available last winter. I've worked in surgery for 25 years. First as a Certified Surgical Technologist/Certified First Assistant, and then as an RNFA (Registered Nurse First Assistant.) I feel truly blessed to have a job that I enjoy so much, and grateful to be able to make a difference in my patient's lives.
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I am a community support/care worker.
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I'm a Care Assistant at a Nursing Home for the Elderly and Frail
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Originally Posted by Cat Mommy View Post
I'm the assistant to the president of a telescope company. I love my job! I have a great boss, who I help manage his life, who truly appreciates it. and is always letting me know, how much he appreciates my help. (not enough boss' tell their employees that.) I also do web design, office management, you name it... I do it.
Tell him, "The sincerest form of flattery is money!"
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i work for HP computers, who loan me to a chemcial company.
i even have title, something like
I have a good friend who does that, too. His name is Tim Taylor. I'm sure you know him well (yeah, sure).

So you came from Digital? My wife has several relatives who retired from there.
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I am a certified Pharmacy Technician at a hospital pharmacy.

And I can honestly say I love my job.
Took almost 40 yrs but I found it!!
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I'm an executive assistant for the VP of a Medicaid HMO. I have a GREAT boss and I love my job. And, a bonus, I work only 5 miles from home.
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I work in a bookstore here which is a very fun job and I love it most days (Ugh christmas is coming up and everyone who works retail or has worked retail knows what that means :|)
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Time for a little thread necromancy!

*resurrects thread*

I help admin one of the most boring Forums in the free world. I also help our clients talk to each other, but the Forum is where I spend most of my time. We run vBulletin 3.6.2....with none of the fun stuff turned on. I can't even add custom smileys, or anything cool like that.

Now I want a drink! LOL

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I'm a land use planner for my county, working in the planning department. I review subdivision and land development plans, do site inspections, and attend numerous (and boring!) meetings. Most of the time, I do enjoy my job.
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I've been pretty much unemployed since September 2007. Thank god for odd jobs because I don't get from unemployment!

I'm in the process of learning how to pour drinks and becoming a mobile bartender.
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I was a data entry operator until my retirement.

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I now work behind the bar in a pub and i love it, never been happier
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I am now a paraprofessional, working with 22 five year olds everyday in a kindergarten class and I LOVE it!
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Such a great question!! We all come from different walks of life, from different parts of the world, and we come together because of our love of cats!! I just think that's neat!!. I am a server at a very popular restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. There is NEVER a dull moment at this little soap opera job of mine. VERY busy. VERY stressful. I must like it though, I've been there 13 years. The money is good. I've waited on alot of celebrities. I recently went on part time so I could spend more time with Bella.So if anybody ends up in Indy let me know. The food is really good and you're all welcomed
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How'd I miss this for so long?

I am a Family Court mediator - I try to help never-married and divorced couples with custody and parenting time issues. I also coordinate a few of the programs at our court. Never boring, often stressful (I hate it when people are so angry with each other they forget their kids!)
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Well, aside from being a law student (temporarily withdrawn for health reasons though, but I start again Fall). I guess you could technically say that I'm the head of a small corporation that specializes in domain name, marketing, and web presence as well as owns a few hundred or so high profile domain names. To date though, I've spent more on the domain names than I've made, so that kind of negates the "for a living" part of the question because I'm in the red and thinking of converting it to a sole proprietorship and give up the legal protection afforded by it being incorporated to save a little money annually. Obviously, while in school, I put the whole thing on hold.

I'm also in the process of trying to prototype a nifty little device that I invented a few years ago to put holiday lights on palm trees in a manner than looks more polished, makes them easier to put up and down, and eliminates the problems with wrapping tall palm trees and overloading the built in fuses. The device is also able to be left out all year long making relighting the trees every holiday season fast, easy, and wonderful looking. Furthermore, it can be used to put lights just about anywhere more easily than ever before saving a huge amount of time every year after you first put it up. I came up with it initially as a solution to how I was going to deal with the power issue mentioned before. I made the first one out of modified supplies I bought at Home Depot. The light display that year was 30,000 or so lights, so it was on the news. I immediately had tons of people noticing that my lit palm trees looked different than everybody else's, and in a good way. I was asked a lot how it worked. Then last year with 50,000 (or maybe it was more, I don't remember) lights, we had even more visitors and were on the news again, this time with over double the number of palm trees lit like this because I had perfected the device over the year. Now, I'm trying to get it on a CAD machine so I can find somebody to make seamless 100 ft rolls of it out of a very durable polymer called Nylon-6 (the same polymer used these days in things like firearms, aerospace products, guitar strings, and a lot of military applications. I don't know why it hasn't caught on in other industries, or if it has, I just haven't seen it. I've been consulting the patent division of a large NYC law firm to see if I can patent it, but so far they're saying I need to produce a prototype first so I can be able to claim prior art. My fear of course, is if I give the design to somebody to produce, I'm concerned they might just copy it and sell their own since I won't have a patent yet (I probably shouldn't tell them that). Anyways, that's all I can really go into other than to say it's very unique and works with all types of light strings, LED, large bulb, mini bulb, etc. I hope that this doesn't end up being as much of a dud as the first venture I mentioned.
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