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Self-employed caterer here.....unless business drops much more, at which time I will be looking for something else!
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I'm a teacher. I'm currently teaching Kindergarten every other day and supply teaching the off days. I've been doing a series of maternity/sick leaves for the last 3 years. Waiting for the elusive permanent position!
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I work for the USPS and I hate it. I started back to school this past September on a journey to earn at least a masters in history. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after I earn my bachelors, I may go into teaching while I work on the rest of my education. I want to eventually teach at the college level.

As of right now I also want to double minor in anthropology and archaeology, but that could change.
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I work retail.
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I'm a software programmer for a company that develops systems used in oil and gas exploration.
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By day, I'm a technical librarian for an aviation service company.

By night, internet sleuth.
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I'm an Office Manager of a mental health clinic
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Unfortunately I do not get paid for my job but it is the most important job in the world!!!! Here are my top 3 job titles
My #1 job is to be a great wife, not that I am but I try every day.
My #2 job is to be super mom, this is an ongoing process and I'm not there yet and some days I wonder if that will ever happen.
My# 3 job is to educate the monkeys (some call them children), yes I home school, call me CRAZY!!!
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I am a full time student, and will be finishing up my BS degree in December. In which case I will be going right into my MS in the field of geology come January. I plan on working in either paleoclimatology; engineering geology; or sedimentology
But to pay the bills.....I am a waitress at a local fish restaurant.
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I'm the Mail Lady! A Rural Mail Carrier.
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I'm a student and vet tech. I also do petsitting and web design!
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Currently jobless, but keeping occupied by doing things around the house, i feel like i am on holidays, frankly i deserve a few weeks off after working my butt off to move here

I was an ESL teacher and a receptionist in Germany, also worked at a few other places but it wasn't as fun. I do miss my job I loved it a lot.
I hope to do a course next year to improve my skills, i am intending on opening my own business related to cats and fostering cats in my home.
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i'm a special ed teacher. this year, i'm teaching 2nd & 3rd grade resource.
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I work in a call center that handles Direct Student Loans. I work the assist line where I help other reps with questions that the borrowers have. I handle supervisor calls too. I also answer regular calls from borrowers. We also handle disability discharge calls. That is where people who are disabled try to get their student loans discharged. I don't take the calls directly, but answer questions from the reps and handle calls that the person asks for a supervisor. These are mostly from people that the discharge was denied since the medical staff has determined that they should be able to work or their doctor says they can work in the future. It can extremely stressful at times.

When I get home, I will sometimes make dinner but not every night. I will make a pot of soup that lasts all week and DH eats that and loves it.

DH is home all day since he is disabled, and will do the dishes, scoop the litterbox and take care of the kitties.

One thing that I have learned from working at my job, is patience with the people who are mentally ill and trying to get their loans discharged. Being married to someone who is mentally ill is a challenge that I live with daily. Fighting social security is the worse part of it. It helps that DH has a great doctor that cares and he is on good meds now that has really helped him cope.

I know a lot of young people are on this site. Please do not abuse drugs as you never know what will happen and the consequences that affect you later in life. Do not yoyo diet either. It was a combination of these two items that we believe caused DH's illness.
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I'm a Promotions & outreach librarian. I get to do display work and go out to community groups to promote the Library, do class visits in schools and run programming in our library. It's actually alot of fun if you don't mind doing something different every day of the week.
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I am a currently unemployed massage therapist and body piercer. I still work on friends to stay in practice on both jobs.
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Originally Posted by Whisky'sDad View Post
II'm going to teach english somewhere in Europe or Southeast Asia.
My brother is doing that right now. He's in Beijing teaching English.

As for me, I currently work for a distribution company, but I wouldn't call that "my living". I'm going to school to become a vet and I also volunteer at the humane society and a vet office.
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I do electrical & instrumentation design & drafting work for an engineering firm. The branch office that I work at specializes in offshore oil & gas production platform work. We also do some plant & refinery work. I use Autocad and draw things all day.....panels, schematics, wiring diagrams, P&IDs, etc.

Originally Posted by meowqueensdaddy View Post
It's an intimidating amount of driving, which isn't so bad if you drive a fun car and like to work on it (I'm a VW person...).
LOL......now I know you're talking about an air-cooled VW! I'm working on mine at the moment. What year is yours?
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i work for HP computers, who loan me to a chemcial company.
i even have title, something like

computer manufacturing & network support engineer, gobal services or some such thing., mostly i deal with locations in europe and asia.

used to be just gobal support service back in the digital days before all the buy outs.

who knows dont care i play with buttons lol.

also have 3 coffee shope/internet cafe over seas, oh yea also ice cream places selling ben & jerry's ice cream and my american style food(pancakes,my fathers recipe).
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I work at Claire's. Its a small store that sells accessories (earrings, hair accessories, cosmetics, purses etc) and does ear piercing. It pays the bills and is helping pay for my wedding and then I plan to go to college probably January 2010.
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I work at a movie theatre. Doesn't sound glamorous, and the pay certainly isn't, but I love it. I don't have much to compare it to, since it's my first job (only other "job" was volunteer work with a therapeutic riding program, which were the best years of my life). Been here for a year and a half now, almost, and now I'm at the point where I'm upstairs all the time, in projection. I take care of all the movies, setting them up and playing them, tearing my hair out and swearing when one of the movies decides to have a heart attack and stop playing (once in a blue moon, getting caught and allowing the bulb to burn a few frames). Sometimes when a movie fails, I can figure out what's going wrong (feels good then), but often I can't, so I gotta get it started up manually. It's dark up there, lonely, LOUD, and a perfect fit for this antisocial reader, lol. The theatre's haunted, though, and even though I've not seen the ghost (supposedly a young girl), I always get the willies when I'm closing up and turning off all the lights and have my back to what feels like miles of darkness. The guys I work with are all great, too, though since I'm always upstairs rather than in concession or box office, I tend to converse and hang out with the managers instead, when I come downstairs.

I don't want to quit, but I still want to have a second job revolving around animals. I know retail supposedly sucks, but I still want a job at Petsmart, lol
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I am a Secretary/P.A. I have a great manager who I look after as she is totally disorganised and ditsy, but she's great
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I'm a Registered Nurse. I've been on sick leave for over 4 years so I'm just getting back into the swing of things with a back-to-work program.
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I am a cat(!)aloger in a public library. (I loved it when I log into the OCLC database at work, and it addresses me, *Hello, Cat!*. We use *Cat* as log-ins; I am *Cat 2*
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i work at the college with 14 to 16 year olds who are have been permanently excluded or are at risk of exclusion. they come to us and try out various vocational subjects in the hope of showing them education is worth it.

94% of our students went on to higher education last year with the remainder getting full time jobs. our aim is to prevent these kids leaving school and becoming NEETS. (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

been doing it 2 years and i love it!
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I'm a Medicaid Service Coordinator. I have a caseload of 19 adults with developmental disabilities, and my job is to obtain, coordinate, and monitor all of their benefits, entitlements, services, and supports. But I like to tell people there really isn't much that isn't in my job description

I'm in charge of organizing 19 other peoples' lives, basically... no wonder my own is so disorganized!
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Stay at home Cat Mom
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Professional student!
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I work at Wellsfargo bank.
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I am currently on sick leave from work but I am supposed to start back next week. I don't think I want to though! I was a 1st yr apprentice pipefitter at a local refinery and I am sick of being the only girl amongst the hundreds of pigheaded men at the plant. It pays well but I hate it. I may go back to working at a riding stable.I would rather shovel poo than spend 12hour nights 7 days a week with all the jerks!

I also am finally starting to make money off selling my drawings and pet portraits. It has taken years of trying to get my art out there but it seems to be working and people are finally interested. I have several stores selling drawings and a bunch of trade shows and such to do this upcoming year!
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