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More gray hair

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Thanks to Mark, another chunk of my hair is turning gray. He finally called, last night. He's doing well, living with my parents and staying clean. He's been helping my dad, with his business.

Mark has re-broken his shoulder, though. He went out dirt-bike riding, with my oldest brother and had another wreck. He broke his shoulder and scapula, in the same places as last year.

He is also freaking out, over Sam and the babies. She is miserable - feet swollen, back aching and her stomach is turning purple, from stretch marks. I reassured him that this is all normal. She wants the doctor to induce labor and get it over with. The babies are 5 lbs. each and delivering now would be OK. The doctor, of course, prefers to let her deliver, normally.

Mark was so worried, though. The phones were out, in Cochise County and he couldn't reach Sam or any of their friends, last night. He asked me to drive him down there. Sam has a doctor's appointment, today and he was afraid that they'd induce her and not be able to reach him. I had to explain to him that that's not the way they do things.

Anyway, I took him down and he's going to stay there, for a few days. He's probably going to drive Sam crazy, fussing over her. She may break his other shoulder. I hope that I can be there, when she does deliver. SOMEBODY is going to have to sit on Mark, to keep him from REALLY weirding out. I'd forgotten how bad nervous fathers can be.
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That has to be rough dealing with the pain from broken bones, while trying to deal with staying off drugs! I hope everything stays ok for Sam and that the babies are delivered safely - I am keeping her in my prayers, along with Mark!
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I don't know all the history with Mark and Sam, but I hope everything turns out OK. I'll pray for a safe delivery for Sam, and speedy recovery for Mark!
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Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out okay. Are you going to become the grandmother of twins?!? Great!
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When are the babies due? All my prayers for all of them!
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Cindy, I'm so glad to hear Mark is doing well on his program. I'm sure it's difficult for him. I so hope he stays clean, and that the babies are born strong and healthy! I also hope his shoulder heals quickly.
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Maybe he won't be so freaked out if he can be there to at least be able to see that she is having a normal pregnancy. Even if he can't be of much help physically, it may be of comfort to both of them just to be able to be together. A little hand holding can go a long way during crisis. I am sure I speak for all of us in saying we are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.
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Prayers and Love coming from Sam in NZ and some hair dye for ya hair...LOL
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Cindy - that is so great that you are there for Sam. She's had such a hard ride during this pregnancy. It would be brilliant if you could be there to support both of them and help keep both Sam and Mark calm during the birth - but don't stretch yourself to thin - remember to allow so 'me' time also.

You've been a tower of strength to them both and a real leveller. I'm thinking of all of you as the birth approaches!
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10lbs of babies........I'm crossing my legs!!
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Originally posted by 55Dali
10lbs of babies........I'm crossing my legs!!
Mark's older brother weighed 10 lbs., 1 oz., at birth, so I understand why Sam is miserable. She's not due until May 15. If she goes to term, they could gain another pound, each.

I talked to Mark, a little while ago. He's got some good ideas, about how to go about his life. Their counselor made some of the same suggestions that I had. Moving away, from Benson is one of them. In such a small town, its impossible to avoid the druggies.

On top of that, there's no money to be made. Sam is only making $6.15 an hour, teaching preschool. Its at her dad's church but, he COULD pay her a living wage. She's getting bitten for about half of her paycheck, for medical benefits, too. Mark is trying to get her to dump the medical and go on AZ's version of Medicaid. She qualifies and would have better coverage, besides having more take-home pay.

Sam refuses to teach in a public school (no combat pay) but there are plenty of private and charter schools, here that would pay her better and it will be easier for Mark to find work.

The counselor suggested, too, that they need to be someplace, where they have to depend on each other and not be able to run back to their families, so easily. Mark is considering Mesa. Its close enough, for us to visit but far enough away, that they can't come running, on a whim.

I won't tell them this but, I think her dad has some control issues and it might be a good idea, for them to go somewhere else. By paying Sam such a paltry wage, he's able to keep her somewhat dependent.

I just hope that they can get it all straightened out.
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Will she ever walk straight after having those 10lb babies?
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