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What Magazines Are You Subscribed To?

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Just for fun, what magazines does everyone subscribe to. I actually dont' have any subscriptions but sometimes I will buy some from the store. Usually it's something like National Geographic, Crappie World (I bought this a lot when we still had our boat), and Scientific American. One thing I never buy though are gossip magazines like US or People. So what do you read?
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Currently Cosmopolitan is my only subscription.
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I subscribe to American Craft. My MIL passes along her National Geographic to us every month as well as any gossip mags she picks up.
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Way too many
Country Living
Country Home
Midwest Living
Garden Gate
Backyard Living
Birds & Blooms
Country Gardens
and I'm thinking of subscribing to-
Create & Decorate and Country Sampler

I only subscribe when I get a really good price, tho.
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I get Saveur and Cook's Illustrated.
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Newsweek is about it.
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all the political ones I can want delivered to my office for free WOOT

but for one I actually buy or care to read Macleans and a load of shelter / charity ones
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Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and The Nest, and Good Housekeeping.

The Nest is a free magazine that I get every few months and I also have a free 1yr subscription of Good Housekeeping through my grocery store because I bought a certain amount of "good housekeeping" recommended brands (most of which were their store brand) I actualy got two different free subscriptions to Good Housekeeping recently- so I sent one as a suprise to my sister's house

I would love a subscription to Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living one of these days though!
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Macleans Magazine, thats it!
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Cat Fancy is the only one I subscribe to.
I buy
Good Housekeeping
National Geographic
Womans World
Womans Day
Readers Digest
Ladies' Home Journal
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None, I consider them a waste of money. I get all my reading materials at our local library.
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Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country (put out by the folks at Cooks Illustrated).
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Cat Fancy is the only one.
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I get several that are included with membership in different organizations, but have to admit I don't read those very much.
Professional Photographer
PSA Journal
PhotoShop User
SCBWI Bulletin

Ones that I have actually paid for a subscription include:
Biblical Archeology
American Woodworker
Consumer Reports

I also subscribed to Outdoor Photographer when I was advertising in it, but let it lapse when I stopped doing my workshops.

Almost never pick up any at a store. I do read Readers' Digest when I'm at my mother's.
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Cosmo and Cat Fancy!
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Right now I'm only subscribed to Whole Dog Journal... I used to get The Bark and Fido Friendly (a travel magazine) but I let those lapse. A family member gets Time Out Chicago so I usually read that.
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Cat Fancy
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Cat Fancy and Vanity Fair.
Also get magazines from The Oregon Humane Society, Wildlife Federation, and OPB for donating.
DH also gets Popular Mechanics.
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Cat Fancy, CatWatch (actually a newsletter) and BusinessWeek
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American Rifleman and The Sporting News.

I forgot about the newest subscription to Astronomy magazine.
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Nothing currently.

Last year I subscribed to Chatelain and Flare.

I was very disappointed in both! Chatelain used to be an excellent magazine, but something has changed and it isn't so good anymore. And so far as Flare goes, it turns out it's more a magazine for teens and early 20's because I know I wouldn't be caught dead in some of the fashions that are shown.

I can't afford it right now, but once I get back to work I plan to subscribe to the following, because I find I really enjoy reading them:

1. Canadian Living (excellent articles as well as a ton of recipes)
2. National Geographic
3. Reader's Digest.

I would also love to subscribe to "3D World", but I can't justify spending $150.00 for one year subscription to a magazine! I don't even think it comes out every month. I'll have to check to see if the library gets it in and borrow it from there.
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Bengals Illustrated
The Bengal Bulletin
TICA Trend
The Economist
The Smithsonian
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I need to renew my subscriptions to Horse and Rider and Equus...

I also have Groomer to Groomer, but this is a 'free subscription, and I'm not sure whether I will actually get one after...I think I might.
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Runner's World
Entertainment Weekly
And I get a subscription to the AARP magazine with my membership in AARP. (It's actually a good magazine....lots of cool info in there!)
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Zero. My husband has mens health, I skim over it sometimes
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