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New Breeder Etiquitte

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I decided about a year ago that in the future I will start a small cattery. I've read as much as I can find, but I still feel extremely intimidated. I went to my first cat show a few weeks ago and I was in awe. So many beautiful cats. So many people seemed to know each other already. They even seemed to have some kitty gossip among themselves. So I'm going to list my concerns and hopefully you guys can help dymystify things for me...

--Are breeders cliquey? Is the new breeder on the block not seen as a welcome sight? As competition?
My breed of choice (bengal) seems to be dominated by a single cattery in my location (although there is a small handful of bengal breeders this breeder seems to be the only one that shows frequently.)

--Bengals seem to have more variables to consider than other breeds. Not only do you have to worry about temperment and type, but you have to worry about the quality of the pattern. Is this a lot to consider for someone as green as myself, or am I blowing it out of proportion?

--I understand that I'll be lucky to make a slim profit breeding. But will I drive myself in to financial debt? What happens if I muss things up and I get a lot of untypey kittens that are hard to sell for the discerning purebred buyer.

--Most of the bengal breeders in my area have numerous cats out of the same ALC line. So it barely takes six degrees of seperation to find out a lot of bengals here are related. Cousins, half brothers, etc. Is it worth the investment to get a cat from a new line sent by air (across country borderlines) I dunno I've always felt a bit weird about having a cat *mailed* to me. How can you tell if your cat is a winner by pictures and biased breeder descriptions?

--Will a fresh ALC bloodline increase the desirability of my kittens?

I have more questions but I'll spare you for now. If you guys could give me any insights it would be greatly appreciated. My plans wont come in to effect for a minimum of a year, as I'm still apartment dwelling. But I still like to plan ahead, and it's nice to have a goal to work towards.
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Also, another thing I've been wondering about... How can I trust that a breeder is going to give me a top quality queen or stud? Do they try to sell medium to low quality breeders just for the extra buck? Whilst keeping the cream of the crop to themselves? Over time I'm sure I'll develop a strong eye for top cats, but for now... It's half guess work.
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As a relatively new Bengal breeder myself. I can answer lots of the questions you are asking.

First is it is best to know exactly what you want and want to produce! Some breeders will sell you a poor quality cat being that you are new. So know what you want and know the standard!

Some of the breeders will not even deal with you. Be prepared for this. I did not have this problem until a few months ago. I say I was lucky to find my mentor and she sold me the best quality marble Bengal there can be.

--Are breeders cliquey? Oh yes some of the Bengal breeders are but most of them are very nice and will talk to you and help you out.

ALC lines--This is not really a factor unless you plan to breed foundations. I say this as most SBT Bengals you can't even find the ALC on the 5 generation pedigree. As for shipping I must say unless you trust the breeder you want to see the cat/kitten in person! It is not just about pattern it is about structure of the cat/kitten too. However I did have a cat shipped it was my F3. She is beautiful and I have dealt with the breeder before. I had also been to her cattery.

As for telling if the cat is a winner in a picture. If you know what you are looking for. One other thing to consider is ever judge is different! You could place with one and not with another judge. You can also place with one judge one day and not place the next time with the same judge. Pictures can be deceiving! you need a profile shot, belly, shot, both left and right sides of the cat, you also need to be able to judge ears on the cat. My cats have small ears in person but look large to med. in pictures. So I guess it would depend if the person taking the pictures knows how to get the best shots of the cat.

I would be more than happy for you to take a look at my site and ask me questions if you would like. If I have missed anything please feel free to ask. You can also email me via my personal email on my site if you wish.

I hope I have been some help to you.
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Sometimes you know excatly what is the best but with Bengals you have the rosetts to factor in. Some of the best breeders have sold a kitten who had large black spots thinking the kitten will stay this way. And well you know what happens they open into the most beautiful rosetts! So yes it can be a guess but mosst of the time you know what is best and what it not.

As for keeping the best to thereself. Well this happens too. Some do this others don't. I myself have 6 cats right now. I would not keep the best unless I was planning to retire one of my cats or tying to gain another queen. I don't have much room right now as all of my cats are in the house. We are currently in the making of an outside run for the studs. So at this point I just might keep a female for myself.

I hope this helps.
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Hello! I live in your area, and got a beautiful baby bengal girl recently. I did quite a lot of research into the top Ontario breeders, and the ones I would reccomend are Azana(where I got my baby from), Bundas, Rosettea and IC spots. Hope this helps!
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I got my bengal from Suzanne at Abundadots and I'm quite please with my kitty.
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