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cat size

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hey guys, i *think* i may have an egyptian mau mix

basically, she has a lot of mau qualities, such as spots, really long legs, a "flap of skin" on her rear legs, huge ears, etc... she also follows me around wherever i go, its kind of amusing

she is around 10 months old, and i just weighed her at almost exactly 10 pounds, judging by this, is there a way to tell how big she will get?

also, does anyone have pictures of an egyptia mau mix? i have posted about this before and everyone said she didnt look like a mau, but i have second thoughts, if she is just a "normal" cat she is a very weird one I wish i could get a recent picture, but my camera is broken, i can try and get a cell pic, but it wont be very good


edit* here is a pic, but it is horrible quality unfortunately

edit2* i just took a look at my older posts and saw some replies that i didnt see, i geuss she could be a "blue spotted tabby"

i guess she is just a weird one
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She doesn't quite look like a spotted tabby to me?
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
She doesn't quite look like a spotted tabby to me?
me, either - i vote for mackerel [like my Cable]. here's a good link for coat patterns: striped, spotted & ticked cats
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She's not a Mau or part Mau. She's a mackeral tabby. Either blue or brown - hard to tell the color from the picture.

She's about the size of full grown - so I would guess no more then another pound. Most females are not that big - average is 8-10 for females, males are usually 9-12 for an average size cat.
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Originally Posted by slvr98camaro View Post
everyone said she didnt look like a mau, but i have second thoughts, if she is just a "normal" cat she is a very weird one
That's the thing about domestics, they don't have a 'look' like purebreds do so they can have large or small ears etc. etc.

Agree with the others, she is not an EM and is not spotted. Still a very lovely cat
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She could be full-grown at this point, and probably is. I would ask your vet if he/she thinks your cat is too large. I know she's young but you really want to make sure that she doesn't become obese. The ideal weight for each cat depends on their frame (for example, my 7 lb. 4 oz cat is overweight according to my vet, but our other cat is 10 lbs. and isn't).

She is a domestic short hair, not a mau or mixed mau.

The flap of skin could be a spay sway...has she been spayed? My older cat has a huge spay sway, lol. It's basically just loose hanging skin that makes her look fat when she's not. Apparently it happens because the muscle tone is lost after surgery.

She is very pretty!
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thanks for the comments, she is definitely spotted, but as she is getting older, the spots seem to be going away.. if you take a look at my other posts, i have posted pictures of her where you can clearly see she is spotted.

when my old cat was nutered, he got that "belly" and my cat is spayed, she also has the little belly, but she also has a flap of skin going from her back leg to her body

that is one of the reason why i thought she was a mau, or something other than a normal domestc cat, i had a 'normal' mackeral tabby before but my new cat looks completely different, huge ears, when she sits her front paws barely touch the ground, very long back legs, etc.. i guess thats why i made the mistake
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here is a picture to see her spots

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I think your'e kitty looks more striped than spotted! I can see her striped markings but no spots. I would def say that she is a domestic shorthair . Lovely looking kitty too.
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While the earlier pics do show some spots, the fact that the spotted/striped pattern is more of a striped pattern, she is what would be considered a "broken mackeral" - where the stripes break up in some places.

Here's a picture of Charlie - he's a chocolate spotted and you can see that his spots are not following a pattern (other then the bullseye circle which is supposed to be there).
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Typical Mau baby. This one doesn't show really good spotting, but the body shape is there. They are fairly slight cats.

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Maus are pretty rare cats, we see less than 400 kittens born per year. It's very difficult and costly to find a breeding Mau, so I really would be surprised if there were one running around making mixed kittens. The Mau is a natural breed, taken straight from the random cat population in Egypt (and some parts of Asia.) So it wouldn't be surprising at all to find a cat that had some similarities with a Mau in the random cat population.

The Mau's skin flap (or jungle flap) is a lot like what you see in a cheetah. It allows for a longer stride, thus it gives the Mau a faster running speed. It's not exclusive to the Mau breed; I've got a Van girl with a jungle flap as well.
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Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
It's very difficult and costly to find a breeding Mau, so I really would be surprised if there were one running around making mixed kittens.
But every spotted cat (or broken McTabby) is an Oci/Mau/Bengal

Domestics are lovely cats just as they are, no need to give them a false breed label.
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I've also heard the "jungle flap" thing being called a primordial pouch.

It's got nothing to do with being spayed, it's a loose flap of skin around the belly that lets the cat stretch out completely when jumping and running. It's also some protection as well if the cat were to get into fights.

You can see a similar thing in a lot of the big cats, i.e it's found in tigers and lions etc.

It's found in a lot of cats, both pedigree and domestic random breds. It's very common in Bengals for example. My Nikita has it.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
But every spotted cat (or broken McTabby) is an Oci/Mau/Bengal
I sometimes call my spotted cat Church a Pixie-Bob mix (like on Catster)... He kinda reminds me of a Pixie-Bob (did more as a younger kitten) although he does not have a short tail. He has sort of a wild look...

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although i guess we have been through this, looking at pictures of pixie bobs, my cat has the same type of body structure (they seem to have longer legs)

this looks a lot like her:

and she also has the same facial structure as this one:

her back legs are so long, when she walks, her rear end goes back and fourth like a runway model (if you know wat i mean)

her tail kinda comes out at a weird angle and isnt extreamly long.

if you guys didnt tell me that she is just a "naormal" cat i would defanetly think she was some kind of pixie bob mix with a tail
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I think all cats have a "wild" look to them. Especially the mixes, I guess they sort of revert back to a wild type.
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Since most all cats are basically a tabby cat, and that's the type of coloring on wild cats, you tend to get a "wild" look to a lot of brown tabbies.

Its probably a mix of different types in your cat (no wild) and that's the confusing part, as there's nothing really outstanding in the features to pinpoint when kind of cat. To be a breed, you have to have more then one or two things that fit that breed
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