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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, October 15th!

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Good Morning!

Brrr....It's cold and dreary here in Michigan today!

Here's today's question of the day.

Do you have a favorite comic/cartoon that you read every day?

My two favorites are:



9 Chickweed Lane I have to admit, today's is pointless, but usually it's a hoot. I especially like the ones called "Hallmarks of Felinity", which showcase Solange, the cat.

I also enjoy Rhymes With Orange
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Noo im afraid i do not have a favourite!

Comics are not a real huge thing here lol! Simpsons? i read those comics lol

The weather is miserable here!

Jess x
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I don't really have one I read everyday but I am a huge fan of For Better or Worse by Lynn Johnson...
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I like Zits and Foxtrot too except that went to once/week.

Also, Pooch Cafe, Overboard and the Lockhorns.
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dont really have one comics arent a huge thing here

but theres a little cartoon in the metro newspaper called nemi which is funny
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Every once in a while, if I think about it, I will read XKCD
Most of the time I'll just go there and hit random and look at them that way since I don't keep up with it haha.
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How about once a month? The one in Cat Fancy magazine called Sadie.
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The unique that appear in my local Newspaper is Garfield...
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I don't get the paper, so don't read any comics or cartoons.
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I, too, enjoy Zits. Don't think I really have a favorite.

Those "Hallmarks of Felinity" are absolutely hilarious. I remember reading 189 of them on a site someone had posted.
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Not these days, I hardly have time to read the newspaper.

I do like "Calvin & Hobbes," though.
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I don't read them often (just forget to really) but I enjoy Family Circus, Baby Blues, and Garfield
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We don't get the paper, but I do enjoy FOR BETTER OR WORSE.
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I don't look at it every day but I love Garfield comics.
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I like Bizzaro, Zits and Dilbert, which they moved to the business section.
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I don't get the newspaper, so no... Though I must say, one of my favorite news-paper type comics of all time is The Far Side!
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Mutts, I get the electronic copy in my email every day.
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I love Mutts!
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Don't read it all the time but LOVE Garfield. I have one on my fridge of Garfield and it says any one that doesn't like cats is a space alien
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XKCD for me too, I probably go and look everyday while it is updated 3 times a week or so.
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