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Does anyone have experience with this antibiotic? My vet prescribed this for Holly Golightly last week because of gingivitis. It's obviously working because her breath doesn't stink like a sewage plant anymore. However, I think it may cause constipation. I've been so stressed out with Buster's recent surgery that I haven't been paying attention to Holly's needs as much. I know that antibiotics can cause diarrhea but what about constipation?
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I found this info about it.
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Thanks for the links, Jacky. I'm wondering if Holly made a diarrhea last night. There were two piles of diarrhea in both litter pans during the past 24 hours (yes, my life is quite exciting) and I just assumed Buster did it because he's ALSO on antibiotics for his surgery.
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Its hard to say.
See if you can watch them go.
I have a cat that is throwing up and am not sure who it is.
I think its Meeko is sick.
Has Holly had the antibiotic before?
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Speak of the devil! Holly just made a diarrhea poop three minutes ago. I'm glad to know she's not constipated!
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I am glad she can go.
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My cat Hailey has a bad tooth.  I can't afford the surgery .  $900  My vet has given this product to her every couple of months or so to help the infection.  It really works. I did not notice any change in bathroom area. It is very expensive through my vet I just found the same product for  6.99 on line.   However it does require a prescription.  I hope this helps.

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Removing one bad tooth (and do a cleaning while the cat is under anesthesia - normal procedure) never, ever costs $900. Please, immediately start looking for another vet who will do the right thing for your baby and charge the normal, acceptable price - which is a fraction of what this vet is quoting you. This is unconscionable.

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