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Where are your cats' sleeping spots?

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Chloe sleeps by my SO's feet nearly every night. I stay up later than he does and every time I go in there, she is curled up next to his feet. If she wakes up, she plays with his feet and wakes him up. Usually she's just curled up right against his leg though. I love it.

Her other spot during the day is on my desk chair.

Mattie sleeps in the same spot on the guest bed nearly every single day, all day.

What are your cats' favorite spots?
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during the day, heyu sleeps in her chair, and eazy under the couch, on his cat tree, or in my bed.

when i am sleeping, i am the cat pillow, i wake up all the time with heyu on top and eazy curled up aganist my chest or sleeping on my arm
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My cat, big chubby arty likes to sleep on the window sill if it's a hot day.
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Mine are all over the place!! I have 3 actual cat beds, 2 human beds, a couch, a comfy chair, a not so comfy chair, a cat tree, 3 closets, a clothes hamper, a coffee table, top of the fridge and cabinets, and don't forget all the floor space you can handle! They use it all! and they all share!
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Mine are all over too! During the day, Monster is usually asleep on top of the cat jungle gym my bfs mom bought for them, you can find him there 90% of the time, sometimes Mittens is up there too. Monsters other spots are, my bfs moms bed (always in her spot), under the bird cages, in the bathroom window(if its open), on top of the couch, in the kitchen window(if its open), in the front room of the house next to the jungle gym. At night he sleeps in my bfs parents bed, with them. Mittens is usually upstairs in my bed during the day.. you can find her there 80% of the time. The rest of the time she is following me around, but if she is sleeping anywhere besides my bed, the other 20% of the time you can find her in the bathroom, either in the window(if its open) or if not, on the floor (we usually have a towel on the floor to make it a lil more comfy for her, and she sleeps on it). Sometimes she sleeps on the top of the couch, or on the jungle gym, or at the foot of my bfs parents bed. At night she sleeps on the floor in my room till my bf gets up for work, then she gets into bed with me. oh and another popular spot for the both of them during the day is my bfs dads computer chair..
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On the desk chair I'm sitting in
On the bed with or without me and my wife.
On the scratching post
On the window sills
In the hallway
On the couch
On/in the cat condo
On the cat bed by the patio door
On the cat bed in the bedroom
In the cat Kennel
In the dish rack(not one being used for dishes)
Any random spot on the carpet
On the kitchen chairs(but not anymore for some reason)
As I write this Precious is sleeping on the catbed by the patio.Koko is sleeping in my wifes arms and momcat is asleep on the bottom of the scratching post.

The like to sleep........
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My girls sleep wherever they want to, this includes the couch, loveseat, yoga mat, in their carrier, anywhere on the floor and of course in bed with me!
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Both my boys sleep with us at night. During the day Tailer sleeps in the chair by the window where he can keep any eye on things. Forest sleeps wherever the sunny spot is. (Literally...he moves from room to room as the sun moves across the house, finds the place where the sun is shining through the window, and plops himself down in the middle of it.)
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Moose always sleeps in bed with me, Rocky changes spots depending on the weather and Lucy snoozes on one of the cat trees.
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During the day Ringo is mostly a couch sleeper, the right couch arm is her spot! She also likes to snooze on the bean bag in our spare bedroom. At night there is no telling what she gets up to. Sometimes she lies between my husband and me, but usually she's up to mischeif when the lights are out.
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At night Kiwi sleeps curled up in a tight little ball between mine and DH's pillows. During the day I can usually find her tucked into my daughter's dolly crib, or snoozing in DH's hunting gear (eww.) She must like that 'wild' smell.
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Flash loves either the laminate flooring that cover the hot water pipes so theres a line through the sitting room that she will sleep on or a card board box and sooty sleeps anywhere and everywhere
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The cats sleep with us. Heather sleeps on my legs. Darla, being a homewrecker, sleeps between me and my boyfriend.
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Nero sleeps in his tree, snuggled up against my side at night, or in the in-laws room (which bugs me! I want my kitty sleeping with me!)

Katina sleeps somewhere unknown to me Sometimes shes in her tree, but I think she's found a spot in the sunroom she sleeps in at night to avoid Nero.
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Skye seems to pick the most seemingly uncomfortable spots. One is on one of the levels on our tv stand. We bought a little bed to put there so she wasn't always laying on hard wood be she shunned it so we took it back. Now she is back there. I usually leave a pair of jeans out next to the bed and she is all over those. Another odd one is halfway in the bathroom blocking the entrance and the hallway. Her new one is on the bottom level of the dvd stand.
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