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Update on Maggie - please help!

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The vet gave her more subcut. fluids this afternoon, and some liquid anti-inflammatory/pain med. She said her upper gum looks like it's all caved in now - rapidly deteriorating. What's making things incredibly hard for me, is that Maggie is still Maggie. In a compromised way of course, but she's still on her perch in the kitchen, she's still meowing when you walk near her, she's still asking for food - and that's the heart-wrenching part - she asks for it, and then when I lay out a spread before her, she looks at it and looks back at me. And doesn't touch it. I do think she ate a couple bites of moist food tonight, but that's it. I'm not sure if she touched the tuna juice yet or not. The vet agrees that she is "still here" but her body is slipping away. I don't know if I can take her in while she's still Maggie - my last indoor cat had cancer take over his liver and he just curled up and slept - just gave up interest in anything else. He made it easy. (You know what I mean) How can I look her in the face when she's still looking back at me and take her to the vet for the last time?! And yet she sounds horrible... and she must be in pain or she would eat.... but. How can I do it??? The other "situation" is that the vet will be gone for continuing education on Thursday & Friday. So if I don't chose to do something on Wed, it must wait at least until Saturday. Then she's closed on Sundays & Mondays. I hate to go somewhere else - they've been so wonderful and Maggie knows them.

I just don't know yet what to do. I do need to see how she is tomorrow... but what if she's still "herself"?? I'm afraid she will be so much worse by Saturday.... but then maybe that would make it easier....

I hate to ask this, but I have to -- please tell me (my dh took in my last cat - I just couldn't go - but I think I need to with Maggie - even though I don't want to....) They give them something first, right? To sedate them? I just don't want her to go from sitting to falling over.... I'd rather see her lay down & curl up of her own accord.... before....

I have to say that the absolute worst experience of my entire life was watching my dog die on the ground in front of me with a twisted stomach - but this seems to be in second place. If she only wanted to give up....
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I think you really need to consider her quality of life, and while she might seem relatively fine in herself, the not being able to eat while being hungry is a major effect on her quality of life, and she will slowly starve to death, and I know you love her too much to do that to her. If the vet says there is absolutely no chance of recovery, it would be much kinder to let her go now, rather than to drag things out and continue to let her not eat, as that will start affecting her organs and make her feel soo much worse. Some vets will sedate them, some wont, it really depends, but if you ask for it, they will. It is normally a very quick, painless procedure. Good luck with your decision, and we are all here if you need to talk.
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Thank you for the reply Booktigger.... I just realized that I didn't post this in the support forum where I had been talking about Maggie - no wonder I didn't get many replies as no one knows. I re-posted. Sorry.
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my heart goes out to you, it is one of the hardest decisions to make.

i was in your position a year ago. my beloved boy had lost some weight but that was it. within 3 weeks of taking him to the vet i was having to say goodbye to a shell of what he had been.

hindsight is a wonderful thing but i know that i did let him go on too long. he was blind, painfully thin and just the most pitiful creature.

i don't know what stage your baby is at, but with the knowledge my precious boy gave me, i was able to say a far more dignified and peaceful goodbye to my dear lurcher in February.

i fought to hold onto my boy as it all happened so fast and all the results were coming back inconclusive. but a cat who isn't eating is a cat whose system is shutting down.

if we're lucky there is a brief moment before our babies get really poorly. that is the perfect time to help them cross the bridge.

no one can tell you what to do other than your vet advising you.

just listen to maggie, really listen and she will tell you.

for you and your baby.
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Oh gosh, I don't know what to say, what an awful situation. The wisdom of some of the more experienced people on here is why I keep coming back. I understand how difficult it must be, the fact that she is still very much Maggie and the cancer is invisible, but it is there. It sounds as though, in a loving way, you are simply prolonging the inevitable here. Cats are very good at hiding their pain but they still are in pain. I know from being on here that some people have had the vet come to them in kitties home to put them to sleep. Would that be an option for you? I would also be concerned about pain relief over the weekend, does your vet administer it or can you do that? It is so hard to make these decisions, especially when there is such a strong emotional bond. It is obvious you love her dearly, and sometimes when you love someone you must also love them enough to let them go. I really feel for you and I am sorry that you are both having to go through it.
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