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sleeping with tongue sticking out

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Fluffy sleeps like this...I am gonna have to get a picture of it, but as soon as someone disturbs her, in the tongue goes.....too funny..just had to share
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Sounds really cute, kathy!

i have not seen that before.

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it looks like lots of people viewed this post I bet alot of you think I am silly for posting it.. it just cracked me up when I saw it and had to post about it.. Thanks for replying!
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Romeo sleeps like that sometimes, too. He sticks his tongue out a lot, it looks very funny.

When the kittens were little and Lilith was still cleaning them, she stopped in the middle of grooming one of them, with her tongue sticking out a good half inch or more. It looked like she was saying, "Feh! This kitten tastes gross!"
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I just got online and saw your post It's not silly at all. I have about 5 of them who do it when they are relaxed or sleeping. The minute I start petting my Maine Coon, the tounge starts to pop out..LOL
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We have a name for this-It's called TRF or tongue retraction failure. It looks pretty funny when they for get to put their tongue back in.
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Bones used to do that all the the time, he'd be sitting on the couch content with his tongue sticking out, only cat I had that did that.

Now Oreo if ya pat his head and stroke his ears back, his mouth opens like he's having an orgasm or something
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Here is Lilith expressing her opinion of either her son Blondie, or the amount of work piled up on my desk.
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awwww kitties look so cute with there tounges out!
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