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no meowing

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I've had Zoe for 5 months and she hardly ever meows. She mostly makes the sound that cats make when you disturb or suprise them. The only times ive heard her meow are when she gets her claws caught on something, and on trips to the vet where she meows non-stop.
Not really concerned, its just odd. Miles is fairly vocal, especially when I'm trying to go to sleep and he's meowing at his toy mouse.
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my Java doesn't make much noise - either meow or purr. when she does meow, she actually only says 'mew' - sorta like a kitten does. her purr is so soft, i can barely hear it.
otoh, Chip & Pixel are very vocal - & quite loud!
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Rick, if you're complaining, I have a cat to trade -- he meows non-stop when he's awake, driving me half nuts most of the time.

But here's a suggestion if you really want her to talk more: YOU talk to her more. Most of cats' meowing is for the benefit of their people. Communication is two ways, but sometimes it takes one side to get it started.
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My first cat talked all the time, the ones now, heyu yells at me when i first get home, and bed time, but outside of that, you only get the silent meow

eazy only talks sometimes, and meeps when told no or heyu hiss at him
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Rick, if you're complaining, I have a cat to trade -- he meows non-stop when he's awake, driving me half nuts most of the time.
Rick, that would be Butzie, too. Meow, meow, meow when she is awake. And, boy, does she purr. When she purrs her nose runs so I always have a wet hand.
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My Blackcurrant was a silent cat too, only silent meows and that questioning "rrrrraow?" when you wake them up my accident! My kitty now can only do kitten mews. which is so cute!
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No worries! My Rocko is the strong silent type too.
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As other posters have noted, this is individual with cats. My former girl (now at the Bridge) was the silent type who rarely vocalized except when in the carrier in the car when she "complained" constantly. However, in her old age (from about 17), a combination of deafness and senility led to incessant vocalizing that was really sad. My current boy talks almost constantly! He has some days when he never shuts up, and it's more of a "whine" than a meow--very irritating. It's as though he wants something--but nothing I try works--i.e, he is well fed, so I try to play with him, assuming he wants more interaction, but he ignores me. He also complains whenever I go out AND when I come home--to remind me that I should not go out! Although I love him dearly, I think I prefer the silent type:-)
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Don't worry to much about it. Mine are a variety of meows to not meowing much.

Luvbug is a quiet, gentle big boy who only meows in the car or when he wants food (then it sounds more like a kitten mew or a whine.) Kuce is usually quiet but meows for attention and Lil' Jag is our vocal kitty. She seems never to be quiet until she falls asleep. My RB cat Sphinx never meowed except at the vets office when they proded him.
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I would like that!
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I wouldn't worry about it as long as she is healthy. Some kitties just don't talk as much as my Marley for instance. It took me a VERY long time to get used to how noisy he is. He meows about EVERYTHING.
when I get home, when he is hungry, when he is playing, on the way to the litter box, when he wants attention, when I'm cooking, when I'm in another room and he is trying to find me....ic ould go on and on. The only time he is truely quiet is when he is sleeping!!
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I wouldn’t worry about that. I have had Capone for over a year now and I have only heard him meow a handful of times and it is only to his stuffed Doggy. Bugsy on the other hand is NEVER quiet… meow meow meow meow, its all I hear from him LOL.

Some cats are just not all that vocal, its nothing to be worried about.
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Riley rarely meows. When he's waiting on dinner, or trying to get in the closet to get Da Bird, he has a high pitched sort of squeak, and does little trills, but never really meows like normal

Xander mew like a baby kitten, and mumbles and grumbles under his breath a lot, like he's talking to himself
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