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My new dog!

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Meet Jake. I wubs Jake. Jake is a 5 y/o purebred GSP. Jake is a lap dog. Jake wubs Natty. I met him - I loved him - I want him. No clue how he is with cats. He's gunshy. And I can't have 4 dogs - so it'll never happen. But I can still wish. Jake needs a new home - will someone adopt me & Jake?

(Pay no mind to the socks/shoes I got goin on there - was late for work this AM so threw shoes on over my white socks - had to go straight from work to shelter with no time to run all the way home)
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Awwww I wish I could adopt you both, but Im afraid that you would move me out and move 100 cats in ......... look at those eyes...... and he is just all in your lap like a true sweetheart.
What happened to his back?

I hope he finds his loving home soon
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We don't know what happened to his back. The people who surrendered him really cared about him & it's a long story. He didn't have that wound last night & did today. Tomorrow he goes to the vet to get it checked out - we think he injured himself trying to go under the chain link kennel.
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Awww he looks like a real lap dog! What a sweet boy. Ihope he finds a home soon.
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I was going to say that looked a lot like a GSP. And hey we have room so we can adopt both of you, you'd fit right in. Maybe you have enough energy to tire out my Golden and my mystery mutt.
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He's such a handsome boy.
I am in the process of looking for a dog too...too bad your so far away!
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Apparently, the wound on his side is more than a wound. He shows evidence of trauma - like he was hit by a car. Poor boy....I want to go see him tonight now.
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Awww poor baby! I hope he feels better soon.
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I was just in Minnesota last week, if I had known, I might have brought him home with me. With 3 big lugs, what's one more. Honestly I think DH would probably move out. Although he always comments about needing to work harder so he can buy the animals a bigger house.
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He's gorgeous! How on earth though, did he manage to get hit by a car if he was in the kennel all night?
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He's a houdini dog - can escape easily & he even escapes back into his kennel when he's done taking himself for a walk.
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aww! I love him!!! I wish I loved closer to you DH and I have been wanting to rescue a big male dog...and have also wanted to name him Jake We've been talking about it for some time now and havent found the one yet...and then we saw your dog!! Hes so...perfect and would look awesome running around our acre of land!
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Poor guy, GSPs do like adventure and if they don't get it from their owners they'll find it for themselves.
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Awww...what a sweetheart...I had a GSP when I was younger and she was a good dog; unfortunately she wound up being a livestock chaser, so we had to rehome her...
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I love this guy. He's such a drama queen. He was dancing, jumping, wiggling.....just happy as all get out with just me in the office. It gets busy at the shelter & he doensn't know what to think. I need to find him a couch to sleep on.....
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Oh what a sweetie! My brother and dad had a GSP named Gunner, and a couple weeks ago he went over the rainbow bridge. He was 14 (people) years old, had lost all strength in his back legs, but still seemed as happy as could be. He just passed in his sleep one night. Seeing Jakey-boy there brought back lots of memories! I hope he gets better soon and finds a wonderful forever home!
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Awww he's so cute!!!
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Aww Nat, he's a cutie!! I can see why you love him!

How deep is the wound? I've had a lot of luck using a betadine/sugar scrub on wounds (works amazingly well on absesses and deep gouges!!) Hope all went/goes well at the vet! Let us know what happens
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