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Anybody care to cheer me up??? Please :)

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*Sigh*... I have just spent a wonderful 15 days with my wonderful Aussie bf (fiance now actually...hehe) in Brisbane Australia but now I am back home... home being the complete opposite side of the world in Amsterdam, Holland *sniff*. I miss my my sweet laid back Aussie honey sooooooo much... All I can do is think about him and hope that we will achieve our goal of him moving here in 4 months... 5 at the most. But eeeeek, I haven't got a house of my own yet, it's dramatic trying to find a house here but thankfully I am finally ranking in the top 10 (out of hundreds of applications)when applying to houses... so if you can all keep your fingers crossed for me... It might help... But sigh sigh sigh, how I miss my sweetie, I feel so lonely without him But I bet you wonderful people here can manage to cheer me up just a little... if you'd care to that is... 4 (or 5 ) months seems like such a long time now...
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Oh mate, I really feel for you. I hope you find a lovely place to call your own soon - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm from Australia, so if you ever miss that Aussie drawl, just let me know and I'll talk as long as you want.

Thinking of you...

Aveagoodweegend mate.
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Time heals everything..... do keep busy in the mean time (activities helps! An idle mind would just wander off, you know?_

Cheer up, and take care of your precious self!

i like Amsterdam. i remember seeing the tiniest apartment when taking a river cruise.

Cheers to you!
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Heads up and positive thoughts - I am soooo sure it will work out for both of you! As GurlPower said - keep busy and time will fly!!!
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You are right of course... it will all work out perfectly, but being with my hon is soooooooo much nicer than being without him... *sigh* And as for keeping busy...well, it will take plenty of paperwork and all that to get him to be able to come here and get a permanent visa... and looking for a house and then after I find one decorating it...yep, that should keep me busy I'm sure. I keep fantasising about how our house is going to be decorated... *sigh* If only patience was one of my best trades... unfortunately it is more like the opposite. Hehehe But thanks heaps for cheering me up!
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It's so hard to be away from the one you love! Stay as busy as possible, and lots of phone calls! ((((Hugs))))
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Sending you some.....................

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I know when Mike and I were communicating (for 4 years) and we would visit and then have to go back to our separate lives, it was really hard. Back then, with no computer access we resorted to tapes and videos and our phone bills- YIKES!

At least if your hunny has a computer you can communicate quickly and cheaply. The time will fly and soon you will be back together again. Just keep the faith!
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That is the problem with long-distance romances. But they very often work out just fine! I should know - I went through the same thing at age 23, and we'll be celebrating our 23rd anniversary in June! There are houses out there, you can get through all the red tape/paperwork, and fulfill your dream. Keeping busy is very good advice! Viel Glück (okay, that's not Dutch, but it's probably similar!)
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The house search should keep you very busy. Planning out the rooms is also very time consuming. Make sure you know what your sweety likes and dislikes so it isn't too frilly or a color he hates! I am so excited for you!
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How is the house hunting going?
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I will know Tuesday...the way it works here is you apply to 3 houses (maximum allowed) and every 2 weeks they're renewed and the results of your application will be on the website...so fingers crossed for Tuesday...
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Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm in the same boat with my boyfriend. I live in Pennsylvania, USA and he lives in Norway. We see each other about every 6 months... for about 2.5 weeks at a time. The distance gets old fast. We're hoping that eventually one of us can permanently move (probably him... my Norwegian is terrible while his English is very good). We don't have the house issue yet though. Hope everything works out for you!
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Do you have a webcam? You guys could look at each other while talking on the internet and pretend you were in the same room (well - maybe the same continent at least . . .)

Good luck with the house hunting - I love Amsterdam - we stayed in a hotel in one of the old canal-side houses near the city centre and as I adore old vertical town houses this was heaven for me.

I remember a particular good restaurant, I think it was called the Blue Albatross - it was a fish restaurant - very informal and decorated like a fishing shack.
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I think the webcam is a great idea. I stil can't get over of how nice it is to speak to someone overseas - and watch their every move!!!

The longest I haven't seen my boyfriend is 3 months, and that was hard... So I'm wishing you that this time will pass really fast! keep yourself as busy as possible.

And goodluck with the house!
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Neither one of us has a webcam... And all our money we save for the big move... Are those things expensive??? Because it does sound like a pretty nice idea
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