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Aloha from Makua

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I found out how to finally post a picture!!! Here is our little 3.5/4 week old orphan. (Makua means "to be orphaned" in Hawaiian)

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such a sweet little one!!!
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why is my picture so small?
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I know all kittens are cute, but that one is especially cute What a perfect name.
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Awwwwwwwwww what a precious little love muffin
Welcome you both to the forums.
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What an adorable kitten! You must be exhausted from having to feed him every few hours He is so worth it, though. He looks as if he might have a feisty twinkle to his eyes already Welcome to TCS!!
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Isn't she/he as cute as a button!!

Your picture size is fine btw, any larger and it makes it difficult for those on dialup to see
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He is sooo adorable!! I love his colouring, gorgeous. Looks like you are doing a very good job with the little chap too!!
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Aloha Makua
What a purr-fect name for your precious little girl.
She could not be cuter.
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She's adorable! I wonder if she is going to end up being pointed or if she is cream tabby possibly with some white?
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Makua is so precious!

Also, you're piccie is an excellent size for our forum!
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What little darling! I would love to rub that tiny kitty belly.
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OMG! I just want to SQUEEZE those little toes! So beautiful! Can't wait to watch her grow. Welcome!
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What a living doll! More pics please!!
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