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single kitten syndrome

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I have done some reading about having an orphaned kitten and problems with what is called "single kitten syndrome", a lot of biting, scratching, just bad manners due to being taken away from the mama to early, or orphaned at a young age. I really don't want this "problem" with our orphaned kitten that we have had for a week (he is 3.5/4 weeks old right now). He does play a little with our dog, but our dog is BIG and still young so I am VERY careful when they are together. What can I do, other than get a second cat? Thanks for your help!!!

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I don't have any real advice other than I wanted to wish you good luck.

We tried our hardest to get through this faze with Jack, it was the biting that we just couldn't deal with--we tried it all, even biting back (which was the most effective approach)

The thing that solved our problems was a second cat.

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You don't have to get another cat. If he likes the dog and they get along, they can keep each other company
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The reason why we don't want a second cat is because of our dog, really she is still a puppy at 1.5 yrs old but 50lbs. We rescued 2 other kittens (3 months old at the time) over the summer and the dog and the 2 kittens just would not get along. So we found them a new home together. This kitten and our dog get a long great but we give them only supervised visitation due to the fact that our dog wants to just play with it and we don't want the kitten to get hurt.

Thanks for the support!!!
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how much should the dog and kitten be together then? All the time??? I just am afraid the dog will play to hard with him and get hurt.
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If the kitten is only a month old, then they do need to be supervised for a few months.

The dog needs to be trained in obedience even if he still thinks as a "pup".

Keno was 14 months old when we got her; she just got done with a litter of 10 pups (mixed) and still had the mother instinct. She was fine around kittens that were about 6-8 weeks old. We did caution her on excitement, but she more/less pushed them around on the floor. They learned to get away quick if need be.

I'd wait another month before letting them together. Maybe you can put up a baby type of gate with spaces big enough for the kitten to get thru and have a "safety" room to run if needed.

Charlie was 4 months old when he came in. Keno loves kittens and cats but she is also well trained. Charlie showed very little fear of the dog - they were friends within a week. Jack will be 5 months old when we get him and he will have been raised with a large dog.
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I would say we are in the "new kitten in the house training" stages right now. This kitten loves on the dog and the dog just wants to lick her a ton and push him around the floor a little. The dog is learning to be gentle and calm her excitement. The kitten was even winning to be put down with the dog this afternoon.

The other 2 kittens would not even come on the same side of the house as our dog so it was VERY hard to train them to be together.

I guess I won't worry about the kitten turning into a monster mean cat.

Thanks for all your help!!!!!
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I don't know what kind of advice to give since I raised a complete monster. Having other cats in my house did not help but it does look like it helped for someone else . I would really restrain from playing with your hands. He still bites me 10 years later. My vet recommended getting him neutered a little earlier than most because he was out of control (and he was large for his age). He did calm down after he was neutered.

I kept our cat away from our dog for months. I was really paranoid.
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Thanks for your input!!! I was really paranoid as well with the dog and the kitten but they are getting a long better then I ever thought they would. More they are together the better it is getting, not that I will leave them alone yet. We are trying to not play with him with our hands, he is already biting us, and I hope when we get him fixed he will be a little better. I think I was being a paranoid first time mama when I started reading about having an orphan. Thanks again!!!
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I raised an only orphan. She is now just over a year and a half. Lucky is a little nippier than Gus. The biggest mistake I made was letting her get overly attached to me. She is starting to get better, but she used to walk across the top of the couch, and smack my husband across the head . It was funny to watch. but not very nice. I started having him feed her , she has come around but it took awhile. She just didn't want to share me with anyone.
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The single kitty syndrom mostly effects the humans, who can't possibly keep up with the energy level of a little kitty. Two kitties will wear themselves out.
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