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My Russian Blue - Pillow

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It was so hard to get a decent picture of Pillow, because he would always move right before I take the picture.

Someone then suggested to me that Pillow might be reacting to the auto-focus motor on my SLR camera, so I have been taking pictures of him with manual focus.

Thought I would share my results with everyone because Pillow is such a handsome boy!!

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Ah he is a very handsome boy
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He's adorable, what a cute name
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Awww...what a beautiful boy!!!
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Look at those eyes! He's so alert!
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Alert.. I was looking for a word to describe him.

He is VERY alert Thanks!! ("Curious" is also a good one)
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He's beautiful!
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He's lovely, he has very dignified posture!!! He needs a little evening jacket and a cravat Lovely little boy! I just love how serene kitties look when they are laying on the bed, its sooo sweet.
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Pillow is such a gorgeous little boy!
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Very beautiful cat.
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I love that name!!! It's so whimsical (Is that the right word?) Pillow....cute.

I agree that he is really stunning. Looks very interested in life and looks happy.
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He looks just my Smokie. Smokie is my snuggle bunny! It is very hard to get a good picture of him to, he lways looks away, & I have tried manual focus, etc.. I think he maybe wanted by the law & is trying to keep a low profile
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Pillow is very handsome!
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