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kitty poop

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Aloha, we got an orphaned kitten (3.5/4 weeks old) who we have had for 6 days. He has only pooped once, 2 days ago. how often should he be pooping? He has been on KMR these past 6 days and he does pee a lot. Thanks inadvance for your help!!!
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He should be able to poop on his own by that age. But mom would usually still be cleaning him up. Use a warm wet cloth and wipe his bottom a couple of times a day to be on the safe side. Is he on any solid food yet? If not he is old enough to start on wet kitten food.
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When he pooped a few days ago it was on his own (all over my foot, LOL!!!). But he has not peed on his own so I thought that I should still be "helping" him. He does he not need my help? I guess I need to look more into "litter box training"?

He is not on any solid food yet but today was the first day (and it only happened once so far) that he finally ate off a lid and not from a bottle. I'll try some wet food this evening and see what happens...
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