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I finally found a premium food that my cats will eat! They have been eating Nutro Max, which is a good food. But there are occasional kitty barfs afterwards, and I have been concerned that they might not be tolerating the Nutro too well. They didn't like Felidae or Solid Gold at all. They did like the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul brand, but that is very hard to find around here.

I picked up a bag of Royal Canin Special 33 (Sensitive Stomach formula) and...they love it! And no kitty barfs thus far! Yay!!!!
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Angel -- why are you boycotting IAMS. I know there is a boycott, but I don't know the reason. I don't buy it because of the ingredients list -- a lot of bipoducts near the top of the list.

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jude: I'm about to send you a PM with some information. For legal reasons I can not discuss the IAM'S matter on the public board.
That is another reason, the food cost way to much for what you are actually getting.
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Now that my furbabies are 1 year, I'm moving them off Nutro Maxx kitten and bought a bag of Authority food for them to try. I'm also going to suppliment their diet with Nutro Maxx wet food 1x a day
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Thanks for the info and links Angel. I will be talking to my MIL who breeds hunting dogs -- cos she feeds Eucanuba. I'm sure she will see the light.
Samwise and the Wright brothers were actually rescued twice -- once by my best friend, and then by me because her husband threw her and the cats out of the condo and She had no place she could go with the cats, and I have to tell you I don't know if it was the food or the environment cos that guy is a total nut, but the boys used to barf every day. Now they rairly do.

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Jude, BARF is a wonderful diet!
About the Eukanuba, it's a shame, cause the food really isn't all that bad, it's got a lot of meat! But rest assured that there ARE other good dog foods out there, so it's not like your friend or anyone else who feeds this food will be left with no options.
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My Loki had food allergies (Bloody mush stool) and I had tried everything from Nutro to Science Diet to Solid Gold. He now eats Life's Abundance.


It contains:

.No corn or wheat
.No dairy
.No by-products
.No artificial colors or flavors
.No chemical preservatives added
.High quality chicken meal, egg, chicken liver meal, Herring meal and turkey meal, all derived from human-grade processing plants
.Nutrient dense with vitamins, minerals, fats,
essential fatty acid and taurine
.Powerful antioxidants from patented grape seed
extract process
.Probiotics for a healthy digestive tract
.Highly digestible

It runs about $34 for a 16 pound bag and is reduced to $29 if you use auto delivery. So price wise it is very competitive.

He also get's wet food from Science Diet - his system can somehow handle that!
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I feed my cat Felidae (and just put our dog on Canidae), and our new kitten (9 weeks) gets Eukanuba. Just wondering...I know you can feed Felidae to kittens, but what about the other brands you have all been talking about...Solid Gold, Chicken Soup, Natural Balance, etc.? Are kittens able to chew it, or is it too hard for their teeth? TIA.
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Purina One is a good food. Definitely feed what you can afford, just watch out for the really cheap foods, some of those can cause urinary blockage. There are also some websites like Petsmart where you can calculate the daily cost of feeding; sometimes the brands that seem more expensive really aren't because you don't need to feed as much.

Mine eat a mix of dry Science Diet senior hairball control & Science Diet Nature's best, and I give them each a tablespoon of canned Pro Plan fish-based food every day. For some reason, this seems to keep the hairballs at bay better than anything else I've tried.
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