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Digging in my bed and couch

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Why do cats dig in fabric? Holly will act like she is digging to China on the couch
Sometimes right next to our guests, she will try to dig under them

At first I thought it was litter box behavior, but its not. Sometimes in bed with us she will try and dig under the covers, but never go in, so what is she doing? Just getting rid of extra energy?
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Have a look at the thread i started. Theres another video one the second page of him doing it to the duvet

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My kittens will do this when I am making the bed. They "help me" alot! Maggie especially will pretend to dig in the sheets, like she is looking for something. I always assumed it was just play, the cats pretending to dig to get to some imaginary prey. I love it when my kitties pretend. It's so cute!
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Oh thats right! Now I remember a thread about the cat pawing the blinds like crazy. What do they think they are doing?!
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My 7 month old female kitten, Damage, started this behavior a couple weeks ago. On the bed, on carpet, on the hardwood floor, doesn't matter to her. She goes through all the motions of digging a hole. There must be some sort of instinctive behavior associated with it. I just don't know what it is.

My 15 year old male, Knug, and my recently passed 20 year old, Penalope, never exhibited this behavior.

Both Damage and Knug can be exuberant litter box diggers, scraping at the walls of the box and the digging for extended amounts of time. Penalope was never that intense about the box digging.
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