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Monster...er, Clementine.

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Clem is such a brat! I've started calling her Monster because she's such a little pest. Definitely tortitude coming through with this girl! SHe's demolished her fluffy spider, completely hidden two jingle balls on strings, and now has gone off and has taken off with her orange mousie that she loves. What's more, I think the play set I bought her (Wal-Mart jungle gym thing) won't be lasting much longer because of her exuberant night-time playtimes. What's more, she's found out that whenever I sit in front of the compter she can stand in front of the screen and I'll pay attention to her instead of that "gray box thing", so now along with her demolition skills I also have her fuzzy bum in the way of things too!

I'm sure this is normal for most of you, but I get so excited over the little things she does since this inside-cathood is still new to me. It just reaffirms the fact that cats are definitly meant to be indoors!
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Ha, ha! My kittens have a fetish with the computer screen, too...only they don't want attention...They try to catch the mouse as it is moving around the screen! It is so funny to watch them trying to scratch at the screen in an attempt to capture this virtual toy!
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How do you think my Monster got his name? I thought he was a girl for the first few months i had him, and "her" name was Bella. But he was SOOOOO bad, and he had alot of nicknames, one of them was Monster. When i found out he was a boy, not a girl, i couldnt think of anything to name him. So we all just stuck with calling him Monster. Mine dont really have an interest in the computer, but if Mittens jumps up wanting me to pet her and sees the arrow from the mouse on the screen she tries to get it lol.
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just be glad she's keeping to standing in front of the screen, my poor laptop has bite marks all over it
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