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How many litter boxes?

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As some of you know, we picked up for first kitty from a shelter last Sat. He's an 8 mo. old Tabby named Hobbes.

We currently have a litter box downstairs where he does a very good job of using it -- no accidents.

Our home is a rambler style home with an upstairs/main level and a downstairs/finished basement that has three bedrooms, 1 bath, laundry room, and larger family room. The house is fairly large upstairs and downstairs with 3800 square feet of total space.

I'm concerned that Hobbes will have an accident if he's upstairs and can't get to the litter box downstairs fast enough. Should we place another litter box upstairs as well to prevent any problems?
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I would, just as precaution. Many cats like to have two boxes, whether its for separate poos and pees or just in case they're picky about having to use a clean box. My only indoor girl Clementine has only one that's in my room since she spends 90% of her time in there. Later on once she starts going out more on her own I think I'll end up getting another one and putting it downstairs to make sure she doesn't have any accidents, and in case she gets shut out of my room somehow she'll have some place to go.
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The usual recommendation is 1 litterbox for each cat plus one extra, so for one cat that would be 2 litterboxes.

A lot depends on your space and room arrangement. I have three adult cats and three kittens, and no, I do not have 7 litterboxes. I would have to line them up side by side and the kitties would probably think it's just one giant litterbox. My only other options would be to put one in the kitchen and one in the dining room, which I refuse to do.

With your house I would definitely have one on each level.
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You can if you want, but by 8 months old he should be able to hold it till he gets to the one downstairs. We had 2 pans when Charlie came, one upstairs for a few months (till he was 6 months old). Now the litter pans (2) are downstairs and they have not had any accidents.

BTW glad you decided on Hobbes for his name
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Thanks everyone.

Yes, Hobbes it is.
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We used two until Jack was about 6 months as well--one on each floor. We have two now as well, but they are side by side in the basement--we also added a cat!

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