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Dosha, the Miracle Doggy . . .

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Did anyone else hear about Dosha, the dog that got hit by a car? A policeman found her, and to put her out of her misery, shot her in the head. The animal control then took her "body" and put her in their freezer. Their manager found her alive in the freezer and sitting up two hours later. The poor thing had been run over, shot, and frozen, and is still alive!!! The poor dog! They did get her to a vet, after that, for surgery, etc., and she is on the road (finally) to recovery.

I just wanted to start this thread since this story touched my heart, and even though this is a cat site, I was wondering if anyone would join me in praying for this amazing dog's recovery? Thanks a lot. Here one article on it:

"CLEARLAKE, Calif. (April 23) - A dog named Dosha may have as many lives as a cat.

She was hit by a car, shot in the head and kept in a freezer for two hours, but she survived and is now doing well under a veterinarian's care.

Local animal groups and the Humane Society of the United States have begun fundraising efforts to pay for her care.

Last Tuesday, Dosha was hit by a car. A Clearlake police officer reported to the scene and no one could tell him who owned the dog.

Officer Bob MacDonald shot the dog, apparently to save her the pain of her injuries. Dosha, presumed dead, was taken to Animal Control, where she was put in a freezer.

About two hours later, Denise Johnson, Animal Control's interim director, was at the impound facility and was told of the incident.

``Apparently, it was assumed dead,'' Johnson said. ``I went to the freezer and found that she was alive and cold.''

She had hypothermia and a gunshot wound, but no broken bones from the car accident, Johnson said.

Police are investigating.

04/21/03 23:08 EDT

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Oh my gosh, what a survivor! I hope Dosha makes a full recovery.. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts!
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I saw that on t.v. absolutely unbelievable, what a trooper!

It was an accident right? The officer thought he was doing the right thing... can anything be done? Where are her owners?
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I heard a radio interview with the woman who owns the dog, she was at the vet waiting for surgery. She was apparently near by when the dog was hit, and was told by the police that they could not take the dog to a vet because they were too busy. So, according to the owner, they shot the dog instead. She claims that the car accident only caused superficial injuries.

She is extremely overwhelmed by all of this, thought that the dog was dead, but now appears to be recovering from injuries and surgery. However, she said she is disabled, and on a fixed income, and that is why there is a fund raising effort underway to pay the vet bills. She said that when she finally got to the vet, the poor puppy just licked and licked and licked her, until they had to take the dog away to get it settled down.
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What an awful/tragic/happy story! That poor dog was obviously meant to live. Sending up Dosha, get well soon thoughts.
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Dosha has nine lives! So glad Dosha is such a survivalist and was so blessed!

Cheers to Dosha!
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I actually saw her on the news yesterday morning. She was a cutie . I am glad that she is recovering.
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What an amazing story. It was not that dogs time to go!
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She is a miracle dog - she certainly had an angle sitting on her shoulder.

What really urkes me is that the police officer took it upon himself to put the dog out of her missery???? What made him the expert on her condition - this was not the right thing to do!!!!!

The right thing would have been to take her to a Vet and if needed have her put to sleep there. BUT NOT SHOT IN THE HEAD!!

This guy needs to be investigated.
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I feel so bad for poor Dasha! What an amazing dog, and how sad she went through so much. I'll be praying for her!
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I may get flammed for this, but I don't think that is a good pet owner. According to my husband who saw her interview on the Today show (The guy who is Katie Couric's partner did the interview), she's one of those people who let's their dogs out the front door to take care of business and come back on it's own. The guy said, "So I guess you're going to keep her on a shorter leash now right?" and she replied that she would. You should not let your dog "roam" like that in such a populated suburban area. Hopefully, she learned her lesson and will never do it again. Poor puppy was only 10 months old!
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