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How to tell when something is wrong?

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Well Marley is my first cat so I'm still learning to read him. The other day we were outside, and everytime we go out, he has a spot he pees in. Im not sure if it was because we were outside or if he is having problems. He squated to pee, got up, dug a little more and then tried again. He did this about 4 times before he actually went. Then this morning he was in his litter box meowing. He never meows in it, just on the way to it. He was in there for a while and I could hear him digging for a while. I checked when he was done and I believe he peed, but I can't be 100% sure. What should I do? Keep an eye on it, take hm to the vet (he's getting nuetered next week). Is there anything I can give him to make him more comfortable if he is having problems eliminating, or am I being parinoid??

Adt info about him, he is almost 6months, he gets 2 pouches of wet food a day with 1/4 up dry. He is eating meow mix wet right now but after reading some other posts about how fish isn't good especially for males, I think Ill be switching him to EVO wet.
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If he is having difficulty peeing he definitely needs to be seen by a vet. The usual cause of that kind of behavior is crystals in the urine that make peeing uncomfortable or else a complete blockage also caused by crystals. I think he is awfully young to have that kind of problem but maybe it's possible. If he is blocked you need to get him to the vet immediately. It's a dangerous condition. Try to determine if he really is able to pee. If not or if only a little bit is coming out, off to the vet!
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You need to go to the vet my Coco has bladder problems and what you say sounds like your cat has crystals or a Uti.
I would not wait because males can block and die.
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Definitely sounds like he may have a urinary infection or crystals. I would get him checked asap. You don't want them doing the surgery if he is sick since it may cause even more problems. He may need antibiotics or a different food. If he is prone to urinary problems, he'll need to be on a food that is better for that situation.
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How is Marley doing now? I have to agree that he sounds way too young to have any type of urinary problem.

FYI: When male cats need to pee they go into a sitting position, when they need to have a bm, they go into a squatting position. So I wonder if he might actually have a problem with being constipated?

And again, please let us know how Marley is doing.
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He is doing good. I kept an eye on him for a few days and he isn't seeming to have any problem peeing. Maybe he was constipated but he seems to be fine now. Thanks for your concern and advice. I'm really not sure what was going on with him but I'm very glad that it turned out to be nothing!!
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You have to really keep an eye on male cats and peeing. Many are prone to getting UTI's and if not treated and he gets blocked and cannot pee, he will be dead in a few days.

I'd get him checked by the vet. Charlie was in an out of the litter box several times in a short period of time (like 1/2 hour). When I checked, there was very little pee. So he was at the vet's in the morning. He's now on a special Royal Canin dry (for Urinary) and has not had a reoccurance since the one last November.
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