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Kittens and calicivirus

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I found this forum while searching for information to help my kittens. I am fostering 4 kittens, about 4 weeks old, and their mother. I got them a week ago, and they were very healthy happy and energetic. Then this weekend, one of the started shivering, wobbling when he walked and sleeping all the time. i took him to the vet, he had a temp of 104.8, and he was given fluids an clavamox as he assumed an infection.
Yesterday the rest of the group started sleeping all day as well. They are not up and playing, another one is shivering, and they are wobbly when walking also. I called my contact at the humane society who suggested they all have it and to start them on the clavamox as well. I got a call this morning that their coursins at the clinic likely have calicivirus, and it's probable that the kittens I have picked it up from them at the clinic. They sleep all day, are not nursing as much. They wont' eat formula or wet food at all. I've very worried, but have just been told by the vet to watch them and see that they are eating and keep giving them the clavamox as prophylaxis treatment and ope they pull through.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I can kepe them most comfortable. To ensure they are eating, staying hydrated. I'm very scared, they 're shiving, so small, and and I want to do the best i can to make sure they are ok.
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I just went through this last week with my kitten. I took my kitten to the vet 3 times! I was so worried too that I cried at the vet's office lol! Besides giving the anitbiotic I also brought the kitten water almost every hour to make sure she stayed hydrated. I also helped her to the litter box. Plus I offered canned food in small amounts. On the second day I put some canned food on my finger and swiped it on the roof of her mouth. She started eating after that. My kitten got Calici from her first vaccination. Her fever was 104.9 the second day and dropped to 102 the third day. She was 100% better on the fourth day. My kitten at the time was around 9-10 weeks old.
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I'm terrified! I know I can't keep going back to the vet cause they tell me I just have to watch them and keep them hydrated but I don't know that I'm doing enough.

I bring them water, but they arent' really going for it. So I'm worried about how much water they are actually taking in. Their pee is yellow so I'm very worried about the dehydration. Should I consider giving them some with a dropper? and if so, how much.
They also aren't touching the wet food. I tried mixing some with formula as recommended and no go so I tried wiping it around their mouth but I'm sure that's not enough. I wonder if they cant smell it? The first kitty seems to show some improvement today. No more shivering. But I'm still scared.
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