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Zane, the Velcro Kitty

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I went out of town this weekend (Cols. Day); I left Friday noon and came back Monday night. I had a neighbor look in on Zane and be sure he had food and water, but when I came home Zane was all over me. He wouldn't let me unpack or do hardly anything before I had taken him on my lap and petted him. All the time I was unpacking and getting my dinner, he was Little Mr. Underfoot, and then when I had finished dinner and was reading my mail, he insisted on being a lapcat. I guess he really missed me!

He then spent all night on my bed, and didn't want me to leave this AM.
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aww your kitty missed you
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awww that's cute! My cat does the same thing if I leave for a day or so. She even was excited to see my mom who doesn't even live with me when she came over when I was gone one time. My mom was like, she would not leave me alone! hehe
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Aww that is really nice.

Mine act like nothing happened for a few hours, then velcro.
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I was in the hospital recently, for a week, then spent four days at a friend's house while I got well enough to drive... by the time I returned home, they were scared, freaked kitties. Within half an hour, they knew Mom was home... and JoJo, my girl, has rarely left my side. Sleeps with me every night, meows at me when I'm on the computer, is either on or next to me at the couch... she's normally like this to some degree, but yeah... she has it bad now...

I know the feeling of having a Velcro Kitty in the house...

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Awwww...I love it when my kitties greet me...doesn't it feel wonderful???!!! Bless his little heart!!!
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He's not gotten over it yet. I sit down, he's in my lap. I leave the room, he follows me. I lie down, he curls up next to me.
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