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Lovey Dovey Dusty

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This is so not like my Dusty.

I came down sick this week end but tried to go to work yesterday. I made it two hours before I had to come home. I was laying down, feeling miserable when Dusty came up to me. She normally comes for petting and then jumps down off the bed.

Well, yesterday afternoon, she laid down beside me with her head on my shoulder and proceeded to purr and sleep beside me. Even DH came in and saw her and commented on her unusual behavior. She stayed there for an hour or two. She was comforting me since I am sick.

I am off today to on a vacation day since I have to take DH to his doctor's appointment and I am still not well. I wonder if she will do it again. I really was comforted by it!
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Cats seem to always know when something's wrong. When I'm upset, my cat always tries to cheer me up.
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I agree, cats do know when their people aren't feeling well! Isn't it just precious when they do that?
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Thats the same in my house this week.
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Awww that's soo sweet! None of my past kitties ever detected that I was sick before. But if I'm sick, all I have to do is play with them or watch their little antics, and I'll feel better already!
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I don't see anything unusual about that at all. I think she's glad to see you, even if you're not feeling well. You are her everything .

Btw, You're cats look adorable.
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Yeah, Monster does that. He is not a lap cat AT ALL. A couple times a day he will seek someone out to sit on their lap to be petted and loved. But when i came home from the hospital after being hit by that truck, Monster was all over me (well he hadnt seen me in a month). But after that, i had to spend most of my time on the couch, because i couldnt walk. He would come and lay on my legs and cuddle with me for most of the day. i was off my feet for almost 3 months before i could start walking again. I was really depressed about not being able to walk, and having to ask everyone to do everything for me. Like bf's mom did my laundry, she fed them, I had to ask for someone to get me drinks or something to eat cuz i couldnt carry anything using crutches, i needed help getting in and out of the tub for a while. I think he could tell i was upset about all of that.
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Last Friday when I woke up every joint and muscle in my body was sore. I felt as though someone had worked me over with a baseball bat. I often am sore in the morning, but this was special. Normally, I streach for a little and feel much better, but not this time. I called in sick, took a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflamatory, and crawled back under the covers. Zane snuggled up to me and started to purr. Between the purring, the warmth, and the drugs, I was soon out; I didn't wake up until about 2:00 pm, at which time I felt much better.
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That's sweet

Riley is not a snuggly boy either, and the one time he tried to lay on my stomach was after I got home from the hospital after surgery That hurt!, lol
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Arwen will curl up beside me on the bed when I'm poorly, or she will lay across my stomach.
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