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Question of the Day - October 14th!!

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Do you have any collections? (Other than cats )

I collect teddy bears, and as many antique horse related items as I can. John collects old cars.
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Notre Dame reproduction gargoyles, repro carousel horses/menageries and music boxes.
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Washington Redskin stuff People always get me cat stuff too
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Nope. I used to collect handguns but that got to be too expensive.

I guess I do collect pennies. I have a huge penny collection that I've kept adding to since around 1976.
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Great Question Britt!

Of course my firts collection is all relationated about cats!

But I love to collect CD´s of the groups that I really like some much for example:
-Def Leppard
-The Rippingtongs
-Andreas Vollenweider
-Roberto Perera

for mention to some artist!...
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I have a pretty big collection of key chains, as well as a lot of cat-related stuff.

We also have 6 cars, so that might start to count as a collection too
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I have a nice coin collection, but haven't added to it in years because it was a very expensive hobby
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I collect quite a bit of stuff, but none of it seriously. I collect key chains and buttons, mainly location ones from when I or some one I know goes traveling. I used to collect stuffed animals, but the husband made me stop that one! I collect sea shells and rocks; used to collect crayons as a kid but I outgrew that one (still have the crayons, though!!). I collect coins, includuing the state quarters. And, I collect squished pennies- you know, those really cheap tourist trap things that squish your pennies in to a souvenier?

There, now you all know I'm obsessive!
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I collect coins also and the state quarters. I also collect crystals,spoons and shot glasses of places I have gone to. I used to collect beanie babies.
I collect candles,cat knick knacks.
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I collect tiny painted wooden bobble head tutles - I have a ton of them I always seem to find them at arts and crafts fairs, but every time I go to Mexico, the shops there always have a lot too! I love them These are by far my favorite thing to collect- I love them!

I also collect pretty metal crosses (I have a cross wall in my living room) and anything with giraffes on it- i'm a bit obsessed with giraffes! I love giraffe statues!

My latest little collection is zoo bender magnets! I have 2 camels, a giraffe, and a monkey at the moment, but plan to get more! I found them at the zoo gift shop one day and thought they were adorable- I have them on my fridge, and everytime my nieces and nephews come over they have a blast playing with them So does DH, but he puts them in very compromising poses
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I seem to have been collecting shot glasses over the years. The boyfriend saves his important beer bottles (Anniversary additions and stuff that has years on it where the recipe changes from year to year) The mantle in the living room is covered with his bottles for "decoration". I really want to just throw them out in the recycle bin because I think it looks tacky :-/
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I have a collection of for each occasion and in all colours such as brown, silver, black, white, pink, blue......
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handmade pottery and handmade wooden bowls
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I collect refrigerator magnets from different places (tacky, I's a long story), cows (little figurines and stuff, not the actual animals) and santas (again, not live ones).
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I collect nothing but I have always wanted to collect license plates
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Dave & I collect everything! His collections include Star Wars (starting with the vintage stuff from 1977), Star Trek, Egyptian items (he's a mummy nut), old coins, Nightmare Before Christmas, sci-fi DVDs, German World War II items, and big Lego castles.

I collect vintage dolls, vintage Halloween, fairies for my garden, gargoyles for inside and out, music boxes, bottle brush Christmas trees, vintage Christmas ornies, craft patterns, antique wooden boxes of just about any size, dollhouse miniatures, books, Noah's Ark items, Chicago Cubs items, and 'witch' related items.

We need a bigger house.
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Major League Baseball team mascot dolls (I have the Pirate Parrot and Wally the Green Monster on my monitor right now), and videos/DVDs of the originals of movies featured on Mystery Science Theater. My family thinks I have a cast-iron stomach because I can get through "Mitchell" and "Space Mutany" without commentary from Mike/Joel and the 'bots.
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I have a Lemax village collection I'm always embarrassed to admit that, haha, since I'm only 25... but I'm a huge fan of Halloween, and I decorate my house to the nines... so I have to have my Spooky Town

Jess collects glass animals/pretty glass things. We have them on shelves in the cat-free room!

The two of us collect vintage-y postcards of nude women (not porn type stuff more artsy/vintage). Our whole bathroom is done with them; they look really neat.
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I collect fridge magnets, all kinds, and cup and saucer sets.
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I collect Celtic Crosses I would collect more but I have no room for anything.
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I have a Lemax village collection I'm always embarrassed to admit that, haha, since I'm only 25... but I'm a huge fan of Halloween, and I decorate my house to the nines... so I have to have my Spooky Town
I forgot about those! We have quite a collection of the Spooky Town pieces, too. Unfortunately, we rarely display them because we just don't have the room. The only one we bought this year was the pyramid (ok, not my choice, but what could I say?)
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At one time, I used to collect Hard Rock Café sweat shirts. I have them from all over the world...including places I've never been Friends and family would bring them back for me. After a while, it seemed like I had them coming out of my ears, so I begged people to not get them for me anymore! I also have amassed quite a sizable quantity of fabric. You know the saying..."She who dies with the most fabric wins!" I'm a contender! I hope to spend my retirement happily quilting the rest of my life away...(assuming I will ever be able to afford to retire!)
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Well I collect plants!! I'm in local Hosta Society but even though I have about 250 or so different varieties I am on the low end compared to some members. But I've increase my ornamental grass collection alot this year!!

Along with that I guess I've been collecting many gardening gloves-must have about 20 pairs!!

But also watering cans, not all for decoration I do use many of them. I have them from small (holds about a cup of water) to large. The large have to have the "rose" on the end that matches the watering can. (thats the part that has the tiny holes for the water to come out). I like them from different counties too (the vintage one). One local greenhouse -the owner goes back to Poland every year and buys enough stuff to fill a shipping container -I've paid $40 for a rusty smaller one that he probably found on a junk pile!!

I also have lots of ribbon-don't know why and lots of felt-I really should start using some of it!!
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I collect Betty Boop, Elvis, guitar related stuff, Rock and Roll action figures, lava lamps. I also collect tattoos, I have about 40% coverage, and will soon have my whole back finished.
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