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Poor, Poor lonely Capone.

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So, to make a long story short (ya right, like I have ever been able to do that lol) Capone was my first son. We got Bugsy because Capone started having an odd relationship with a stuffed Husky my boyfriend won for me. He brought it everywhere with him. To eat, drink, sleep, to the litter box. He groomed “Doggy†as we call him, everyday. He played with him everyday… Basically you would never see Capone without Doggy.

We got Bugsy and then Bruno and Doggy seemed to fade away from Capone’s daily habits. Well just recently, maybe 2 months, he started playing with Doggy again. Every night before I go to bed I place Doggy in Capone’s box on the bed in the cat room, and every morning Doggy has been moved.

Now he has a new friend “Chickenâ€. It’s a stuffed duck we got for Bruno that I had placed in the corner of the kitchen counter and forgot about. Now everyday for about 2 weeks Capone sits there for hours grooming Chicken, rubbing all over Chicken, purring up a storm (Capone rarely purrs). I feel so bad for him… its so sad. He wants someone to love but Bugsy and Bruno aren’t into that sort of thing. Do you think this is normal? For him to want to much love from a toy? I make sure I give him tons of love but he doesn’t want it from Mommy.

Anyone else have this? It seems so sad.
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That story paints a cute picture. I think your cat is probably fine. Maybe he prefers the stuffed to real companions. Only time will tell I guess.
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Capone is so cute Is he hostile to you when you try to give him lovins? If he is, then I guess he just prefers animals, and since Bruno and Bugsy aren't the lovey dovey types, he resorts to the next best thing - stuffed animals. I think he's fine, he's just found something to love on, and is having lots of fun with those.
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No, he doesn’t get hostile. He loves when I give him love. Only he gets over stimulated after about 5 min and he starts attacking me. I give him more love then any of my other boys because it just seems so sad. Him and Bugsy used to cuddle, groom and sleep together all the time but Bugsy grew out of it and only wants love from Daddy now.

I’m hoping to get another cat. A female who was fostered with multiple other cats and dogs and who has been a recent mother. She is gorgeous… We will see if my boyfriend gives the OK. I’m hoping she will fill the cuddle void he is missing.

Either way, it is really cute LOL very odd… but that’s a cat I guess… He must be an odd one. This is the first time I’ve written something that no one else here has had the same issue lol.
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He is so cute! He has the same crazy eyes as Fiona does....at least in your siggy he does.

Whatever makes him happy! If you can get a photo of that it would be so cool. I can never catch my kids doing anything cute...they are so sneaky.
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Monster and Mittens are both stuffed animal lovers, but not to the extent that you describe. Monster (more so when he was a kitten) will just walk up to any stuffed animal, and run away with it, play with it for a few minutes, then just leave it where ever. i think its the cutest thing to see a cat running around carrying a stuffed animal, or a tshirt, since he used to steal my bfs white t's and run around with them too. Mittens, (when she lived with my boss) had this small birthday teddy bear, that i guess my boss got as a gift, that Mittens fell in love with. She would carry it around my boss' house, and sleep with it. My boss gave it to me when Mittens came to live with me. It is still around, but Mittens basically ignores it now. Monster plays with it sometimes though. They never groom their stuffed animal "friends". Monster likes to groom feather toys. and Mittens likes to groom Monster.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Mittens didnt get much attention from my boss, only at night for a lil bit. I gave her attention when i was working and had the time to go back into the house and love her, but i can only do so much when im supposed to be working and its busy in that store. Anyway, maybe Mittens was finding companionship with the teddy bear, and now doesnt pay much attention to it because i pay ALOT of attention to both of them.. and she has Monster too, and everyone else paying attention to her..
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Lol ya…Capone has crazy eyes. They are massive and round… I love his eyes, they are like cartoon eyes. I will try and get some video of it… it is really cute. Poor little guy. I caught him doing it yesterday but the camera didn’t have batteries… Wont be hard to catch him though, he does it everyday.
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