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A Tribute To My Cat

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At the risk of being goes.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early August. The lump was taken out, Stage 1, nothing in the lymph nodes, which is great, but the pathology report also showed that I was Her2 positive - positive for the gene that attracts those carcinogens and makes little abnormal cells that turn into big cancer cells, and I have some a-typia cells around the area that they want to target - with chemo and other good stuff.

I've never had anything wrong with me. I'm a very healthy person. The idea of chemo and losing my hair (which I will), and putting all this stuff into my body which usually gets nothing stronger than an ibuprofen, sort of freaks me out.

I have lots of loving, wonderful friends and family, who are going to see me through this, and I'm calling myself Viking Warrior Woman - I'm going to pillage those cells and get beyond this. to my cat. I had gone for about 9 years without a cat. And when my hairdresser, Lisa, suggested in January that I foster, I thought, "What the heck." That decision brought this important little guy into my life.

At home, on my own, when my thoughts are racing and I'm trying to deal with whatever the next months will bring, I look at that fluffy black and white guy and my heart melts. He makes me laugh, he comes to me on the couch and sits on the back of it and sticks his little paw out to make sure it's touching my hand, and when I pick him up and bury my face in his fur, he purrs like crazy.

I feel the Lord, or fate, or the Universe brought him to me this year for a reason. And I'm so glad I have him!
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What a moving post I'm so sorry your having to go through this, but you fight it and you can win, because my sister in law did, and still is 10 years on

Where would we be without our babies?

It's "Breast Awareness" month ladies, so wear your pink ribbon with pride!


I forgot to add some strong healthy when i was looking for my free pink ribbon gif
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I am sending you all the hope & strength in the world for this battle. I'm sorry that you have to go through it.

I am so glad that you have your precious furball by your side.
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Thanks so much for the good thoughts. Yes, it is breast cancer awareness month, and I'm wearing my pink ribbons and my pink hat I got as a survivor when I ran the Race For The Cure last month!

I forgot to mention Larry by name. He's such a great big 'ol furry mush-bug in my time of need, that he deserves to have his name mentioned.

So many women go through this journey and come out stronger from it.

And get those mammograms! Early detection saves lives!
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Hope and strength for u , im sat next to my auntie right now who has just beaten cancer with chemo and radiotherapy , u can do it too.
Jess x
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Very moving post I will remember you in my prayers, along with my friend who was just diagnosed yesterday You sound very strong My MIL and my good friend are both survivors Keep the faith, and take strength from your little furball, they can work miracles for our heart
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Larry, bless your heart for being such a great friend and support system to your mama!
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what a brave courageous you have my friend!
your tribute at your kitty is marvellous! it make feel human!
Thank you for share you kindly words with us!
and be sure that all my positive thougths a good vibes are with you my friend!
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I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time. I'm sending many vibes and prayers for your recovery.

I'm glad you have Larry to keep you company and I truly believe in the healing power of cats
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Wow. Very strengthening words from all of you!!!

Right now, even as I write, Larry is making me laugh by chasing.....nothing ......around the floor. I swear - there's nothing there! He just keeps sliding around the floor, and jumping at this unseen thing!
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Originally Posted by nanner View Post
He just keeps sliding around the floor, and jumping at this unseen thing!
Jack does something like that. Usually it's when he has his mad half hour and he scatters his front paws left and right all over the floor
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I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on. I'm glad your kitty is there to make you take your mind off of things and comfort you. Sending you some vibes for your situation
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Wow, he definately came into your life for a reason.
Well done you for staying strong and positive and fighting.
I've heard that pets cat help promote healing and it certainly sounds like Larry is doing his job well.
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I type in pink because I lost my mom to breast cancer and have friends with it.
I hope the chemo works for you.
Would you like to join the cancer group I am in?
They are nice people and can help you.
Sorry you have cancer.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I type in pink because I lost my mom to breast cancer and have friends with it.
I hope the chemo works for you.
Would you like to join the cancer group I am in?
They are nice people and can help you.
Sorry you have cancer.
I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you about your post. Life has been slightly crazy.

My heart goes out to you about your mom. And thank you for the offer about the cancer group you're in. I'm getting involved in a group here in NYC, and I'm getting tons of support from my friends who have had it. Is this an online group? PM me with the info - I certainly would be interested!

Once again, thanks everyone, for your wonderful thoughts. And Larry continues to amuse me. Right now, he's playing with a catnip thing. I want to get him one of those bananas. I see from some of the pics here that they're very popular with several furbabies! I think Larry deserves a present, so I'm going to get him one!
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I firmly believe some animals come into our lives for a reason. Whether it's fate or divine intervention who knows. I don't argue! It sounds like Larry is being a great companion, soul healer and overall source of entertainment! I am so glad you have him in your life right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh, and thank you for reminding me to schedule a mammiogram when I go for my physical next month. I'm dreading it, but I do know it has to be done.

Take care honey, and let us know how you're doing!
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Most everyone here knows this story already but after reading of your precious Larry, I can't help but to post it again now.

My Lexus and Tonka had a litter of four kittens, two Seal Points - a boy and a girl, and two blue points - a boy and a girl, in June of 2006. The Seal Point boy was spoken for immediately as someone had been on my waiting list for him since before he was born. The blue point girl and seal point girl had serious inquiries, and then fell through at the last moment, but ~no one~ wanted the little blue point boy. He was too fuzzy, they said, or his eyes are crossed, they said, or his tail has a kink, they said ... *sigh* I was so sad because this kitten was perfect just as he was. Finally, a man called and said he was interested in the blue point boy ... my heart just sang with joy because he was such a sweet kitten and would have made anyone the bestest of pets despite his small defects appearance-wise. The day came and the man showed up at my house only to have this blue point kitten act like the hounds of hell were on his tail and he puffed all up, hissed, growled and acted so ugly to this man who wanted him. However, the Blue point GIRL was doing back flips to get his attention, so instead, he left with the little blue girl, now named Grace. This left me with the Seal Point girl and the Blue Point boy, and they were so bonded by this time that I didn't have the heart to split them up and made it a requirement that they be adopted together as a pair. The weeks went by and about a thousand people wanted the Seal Point girl, but *sigh* NOT the boy.

Christmas of 2006 came and went, the kittens were now 6 months old and I just knew that no one would want an older pair ... so, I spayed and neutered them and kept them for myself.

In January of 2007, I learned that I tested positive for HCV antibodies and was referred to a very well-known and knowledgable hepatologist, who told me I had the chronic form of Hepatitis C, an incurable virus that attacks and kills the liver. I went on treatment (much like chemo including the hair loss) and let me tell you that it was never more clear to me that those two kittens were destined to stay here ... George (the Blue Point boy) never left my side while I underwnet chemo that first round ... he stayed in bed with me, he came into the bathroom with me when those nasty things were happening, and he followed me all over the house, grooming me, offering me his toys and just being such a sweetie. Pearl (the Seal Point girl) has been the same way.

While I know it sounds crazy, I think George and Pearl knew that ~I~ needed them to be here with me. Whenever I walk down the hallway, they are following along behind me just like Snow White going down the garden path with all the little creatures behind her ...

What I am being way too wordy trying to say is that there is a bigger picture that we cannot see the whole of at times ... but I believe our cats most certainly can.

I sincerely wish you the best with your treatment and outcome. From someone who has been at least nearby where you are in that regard, you will be staying very close to my heart and in my thoughts.
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Gaye - not too wordy at all. In fact, very inspiring and life-affirming. Those kitties were, indeed, meant to stay with you.

My thoughts are with you, as well.

Calico2222 - way to go, scheduling your mammogram!!!
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