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the need to stop leaving guards laying around.

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Went to get some ice,
and found one of the security guards laying passed out in the hallway.

i stopped and checked he was breathing and face was bright red, SO i went back to my office called the guard shack told them to call the first response team, and 911.

turned around headed back to get my Ice and the first response team was already there(they got there fast less then 3 min)

well couple of the first response trsm, just stuck there head in my office and complained that i did not stay with guard,

told him who the **** do you think made the phone call,
told me i should have called on the radio..

hello, we are not allowed radio;s the safty committee say the IT people dont need(even if we are here alone for 12-14 hours at a time). fine next time, i will just leave bodies on the floor and skip calling anyone,you guy can just clean up the dead bodies after wards. GRRRRRRR

this is i think the second time i have found a passed out security guard.

sorry people annoy me
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Yikes! Next time you can communicate by mental telepathy, that'll be even quicker
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Sounds like you are a guardian of the guards.
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Oh wow, do you know what was wrong with him? Or the first one you found? That is scary, I hope it's not something that can get you!!

And you are their gaurdian angel! Even if the other people were stupid and rude to you!
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Originally Posted by MonaxLisa View Post
Yikes! Next time you can communicate by mental telepathy, that'll be even quicker
What do they expect . hmm may be this guy is having a heart attack. I'll just wait until someone else comes along. So they can phone
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When you get first aid trained they tell you to send someone else to make a call, but if no one is arround what are you sopost to do? Wait for someone to show up?? People are stupid.

Lucky for him you found him. Did he have the same problem that he last one had? I would be worried that there is something in the building. It is not very common that you find people just passed out in the hallway.
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When you get trained in CPR, the first thing they tell you is to establish unresponsiveness (which you did), and then "activate the EMS" (which you did). If the responder knew his stuff, then he should have known you did the right thing.

At least you know you did the right thing.

I hope the guard's okay.
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Thats pretty scary!

Sounds like you did exactly the right thing. Maybe they should hire healthier security gaurds, or check for what is causing this top happen in the hallways. What good is a passed out security gaurd?!
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They did the same to us at work and now we have panic buttons everywhere that call security to that button so you are never more than 10ft from a button and don't have to leave the scene
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Was he drunk?
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they told me tonight, that his blood pressure was sky high(they did not tell me the numbers), they said he had forgotten to take his blood pressure meds.
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He's lucky that he didn't have a stroke!!

He's lucky you were around to find him ... even if you did have to leave the area to call the paramedics.
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I think you done the right thing better then u just sitting with him until some one else comes along.

In infant school we had to go toliet in twos in case one of us hurt ourselfs on the stairs lol!

Maybe they should install panic buttons around the areas!

Jess x
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Do you know how often people accidentally lean against our panic buttons because they are everywhere - it causes more security problems than when we have visiting dignitaries in the building
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