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Stress with blocked kitty

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I'm mostly just posting for my own sanity. So please understand it's one long ramble filled with typos and the like

Last monday night I got home from some friends and noticed my baby Shadow was acting kind of funny about the litter box (he did it once before and we facve him petro malt and wet food assuming he was constipated he went potty a few hours later and it was fine (a few months ago)) but this time he was crying (he's a whiny, vocal kitty anyhow, always tells us what he wants when he wants) and licking himself with a bit more whine in his normal meowcrys. I didn't know what exactly was wrong so we made an appt the next morning (since it was around 1 am) and he went to the vet.

I was able to use my lunch break to be there for part of it and after I returned to work within 20 minutes my mom and sister showed up and I assumed kitty was fine but in reality he was rushed into surgery to have a catheder put in because his uretha was blocked. This being the first of many... Thurs the first vet we had took out the cath and siad since he was doing 'bad' and not eating she'd try to send him home with us since he was urinating without the cath after it came out (he wouldn't eat and was being sad since he was covered in pee ect and we wanted him to come home of course).. I visited him on my lunch break and he reblocked by that time and . while I had a complte break down sine they said they needed payment half upfront since care credit denied when in the past we had an acct that they allowed us to make payments on (bill was already at 540).. so as the vet is telling me she has to put another cath in ect and I'm devestated over payments and cat and all this mess.

We finally talked to our regular vet (and head of clinic we were seeing her under emergency appt for kitty being sick) and he said payments were fine since we paid in the past ect ect and that kitty being treated was what mattered...and come to find out miss other vet took the cath out that morning instead of waiting till friday since it was kinked.. and they also pulled him out of anesthesia so he could sit with mom/sister so they could try to get him to eat (we didnt know he was already being put under for the next cath they just said he was going to need to have one in not he was about to get one..grr)..all at the dismay of the regular vet who is now thankfully is handling everything. So this brings us to reg vet deciding he will stay the weekend with the cath to try and clear the crystals.. (his urine is basic and I forget the name of the crystals right now is most common starts with s..stractive or something).. and so thank god the vet lets us visit my poor kitty, he did good on friday. Saturday morning I come in at 9 am and he's ripped out his catheder himself (Vet new since he had already been in that morning) and as soona s we visited they were putting in another, and ripped his own iv out because he wedged his head against the cage door and pulled his e-collar off. Escapee cat is naughty. Sunday he did well and acted like he felt much better with teh catheder and they said his urine levels and amounts were up. He looked and acted better. Ecollar was tightened and only problem is the iv blew his vein so his little paw is all swollen. Today his paw was still very swollen poor baby and they took out the catehder.. and unfortunately this morning his urine was great and he was unblocked but by 3 pm he was already blocking again and the vet said that's it, 3 strikes and he's out.

So I'm left scared and confused and while I trust my vet completely because he's a wonderful concerned man who's more worried about treating my baby kitty and 'making kitty better' as he said than how much a month I can pay him, I'm still scared because tomorrow he'll be going in for the perineal urethorsomy surgery.. and while i've read and the vet's explained it to me multiple times I still don't get it and I'm still scared and I'm worried he'll never hold his bladder again and I'm scared he'll have his feelings hurt or his buddy (sisters kitty they're good friends) will be upset over it and I'm so afraid for him that he's having his done. But he can't continue to block up because while he's starting to eat the u/r food it isn't enough time to dissolve his crystals so he can unblock and stop blocking up..he's had catheders in and out for a week and its horrible.. he's malting like a stressed out bird, his ittle legs and tummy are shaved and he's a sad sight and to have him bright eyed and loving and rubbing on me like the sweet kitty he is and to know how sick he really is breaks my heart into a million pieces. I can't stand it and I'm just so scared for him. I know this will help him and there's a good chance he'll be home by thursday or friday so I'm happy but also scared and I really just needed to vent and share with some people who might understand because my cowokers are jerks and don't care or understand what soever so it's been very difficult this week If it wasn't for a supportive family and best friend I'd have lost my marbles already. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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Good luck to you and your kitty. You're lucky you have a nice vet that is working with you.

My cat had a subtotal coletcomy due to megacolon a few years ago and everyone thought I was crazy for having it done- including my husband. But she's still with me today and I wouldn't change it for the world.

We all know how stressful it is when a kitty is sick.

to you and your kitty. Please keep us updated.
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The crystals you are talking about are struvite.
Coco gets them and had bladder stones also.
I hope he will be ok.
My Frisky died from male blackage.
Here is a link to a group i am in.
Tell them mews2much sent you and they will let you in.
They have helped me with coco and can help you.
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Thanks, I'm doing better today having vented and kitty had his surgery today, his name is Shadow I don't even know if I made that clear haha! He had the PU surgery done.. I see Coco in your signature and ironically, Shadow looks similar.. let me find you a picture of him to add here if I can

That's my Shadow.. anyhow the vet said when he opened his uretha up during the PU surgery, the crystals flowed out freely and there were tons of them so he's very glad he did the surgery and that he was doing well. My mom got to see him today but I did not (work and dr's appt.) They said he was his usually lovey nuzzley self so hopefully I will see him tomorrow and he'll be home sometime thursdat!
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He is cute.
I hope this will help him alot.
The mother of my Sasha is named Shadow also.
Is he on any meds?
Coco has a son that looks like Shadow and he has a urine problem again also.
So many males get that.Let me know how he is doing?
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He's on a bunch of meds, uhm i dont know which ones though.. I know they told me probably 3 or 4 times but I'm so stressed I was more worried about him than what they were giving him, the vet we have (the one who took overhis care) is super and I definately trust him with Shadow. I'll find out tomorrow what he's on they have to train me how to give medicine to him anyhow, some of its injectable and some isn't.

That's him pre surgery..when he had one of the catheders in, that e-collar he figured out how to get off so they had to keep it really tight, poor smart kitty. He looks much better now is what my mom said when she seen him today.
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Poor Cat
Let me know how he is doing.
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The vet sent him home today finally, he's doing well so far, had a fit at the prospect of using a new (not his litter box) so while we have him locked in the living room with all of us, his escape artist ways won out and hejumped the gate and I followed him to my room (had to let him in his ecollar wouldn't let him through the kitty door) so he could look at my box (we had it empty since he's only allowed to have yesterdays news litter which he isn't fond of) so I poured some of that in, he went in it and out and finally in to go potty.. no pee yet but he did that on the way home in the carrier (eeeeeek) he is drinking and earing through so all is well so far, hopefully he'll give in and pee in the newspaper stuff here pretty soon, he's resting happily spawled on the floor right now since putting him in a giant dog kennel is absolutely offensive and results in scratching climbing to escape and yowling like he's dying.. poor cat behaved better in the vet hehe!
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I'm so glad that Shadow is doing well after his surgery. Lots of vibes for his continued recovery!

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I am glad he is better.
That is the litter I use for my cats because Coco's Asthma.
They all like it.
Is he on alot of meds now?
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He is on a pain med in the morning, and 1 anti biotic and ointment twice a day... I dot know their names they're not on the bottles haha, and I'm not sure exactly where I put his copy of his charts. HE's eating and drinking ok but he's holding his urine until I force him to pee in the newspaper litter..he knows the other litter box for the other kitty in in the back of the house and he wants in it (he has tried to excape repeatedly and suceeded but never gotten to the box).. I have to (onlly me noone else can pick him up and do this for some reason) pick him up and place him in the box 3-4 times and he fdigs then finally gives in and pees in the box. I don't know how the heck he can hold his pee so long but he has always been able to..glad he can after surgery too.. other than hating this litter..we finally had to get the 'soft type' of news litter today but he still dislikes it just not quite as badly.. he's doing well
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I am glad he is doing ok.
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