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dieting with wet food vs. dry

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Someone posted that wet food it better for loosing weight than dry.
I was wondering if anyone had any knowlege on the subject. If so, what type of wet food and which is the cheapest? I have a five year old that's about 16 pound and it's all stomach! Any other dieting tips would help because I have five cats and putting just one on a diet is hard. He's the only one that's over-weight too. Thanks.
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Im going to be putting my fat girl on a diet only of canned Wellness...if she will eat it. Someone on another board was just saying how great Wellness canned has worked out in reducing her cats weight. I also bought some Wysong Dentatreat to add to her meals. Im going to buy a few cans this weekend to make sure she likes it first.
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Hello, fasttrack!

Would you consider encouraging your baby to exercise more, with the hope to help him reduce his weight?

Also, i think it is beneficial to buy premium cat foods. i would go for the quality and content. i am not sure whether the cheapest always works, but i think it is worth looking into what benefits your kitty babies the most. Afterall, i am sure we want our kitty babies to live the LONGEST possible?

Smiles to you!

Take care of you, and take care of your kitty babies!

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I wanted the cheapest, best, if that makes any sense. I read that one high in protein and very low in carbs is good. Also something about 20 calories a day for every pound of body weight? Can you get any high quality stuff at Petsmart? If so,do you know what brand?
Thanks for the advice! I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I want him to be as healthy and happy as possible!
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Nutro is a good one that is available at Petsmart and not too hard on the wallet either.
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Yup it's true, you can help a cat loose weight AND gain weight on a deit, depends on what you feed and how you feed it (aka how much.)
Yes try to find something high in Protien (Derived from real meat or meat meal), and low fiber, for a canned food we should be talking 1-3% fiber.

At Petsmarts the foods to get... (and you can check out your prices when you get there.)
And keep in mind that if you get a really good brand, you don't have to nesiccarily buy the "weight control" or "lite" formula in cans to help them loose weight, you can get the regular adult ( or actually this older cat should be on a senior diet if possible.)

And I agree, get that buggar lots of excersize!

Nutro Max
Nutro Natural
Natures Recipie
Pro Plan
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i think if you like a certain type of cat food, it is worthwhile to to check which pet establishment offer the lowest price. That was what i did. i checked out many places. In the long run, it would save me a buck or two. :

For example, Target is selling Fancy Feast for $0.39 a can here in San Francisco, whereas Petco is selling it for about $0.60 - there is a huge price variance.

Also, Petco and Petsmart do not offer a lot of stuff that i want for my kitties - for example, Wellness, and the type of canned foods my kitties like.

You can check around via the internet and through your local yellow pages.

Happy shopping!

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