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No kitty, those are my cheesy poofs!

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Lately, it seems like every time I pull out a bag of cheddar chex mix, or have some ice cream, my cat comes over, and starts purring and pushing my hands away from my food with her head. I caught her on the counter one time, chest deep in a bag of chex mix. Would it be horribly unhealthy to give her one bite once in a while? I feel really bad denying her something she wants so much.
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I give one of my cats a dab of strawberry ice cream again.

My oldest cat, who died (but not from treats) liked certain kinds of crackers.

The youngest likes some muffins and angel food cake (which I don't buy that often even though it's yummy)

Cats seem different than dogs, in that they seem to always want just a little bit where as a dog would want the whole thing (and then another one).
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Haha, that is cute! I left my chicken mcnuggets on the table once and got to get a drink and caught my cat running a cross the table carrying a whole nugget with her. It was so cute. I ended up tearing into little bites for her. For the most part my cats eat dry and wet cat food and occasionally tuna.
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In my house, it's leftover french fries... but not just any fries! No no no... our picky one only likes fries from In-n-Out Burger.

I once had a cat who'd eat pop tarts.
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I have a cat who likes pop tarts A few who like Doritos. Easy loves egg rolls. They all love tostitos, cheese, cereal, ice cream, chicken mcnuggets, baked chicken, lettuce, oranges and theres more.
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Marley will eat anything you put down for him. His favorites are animal crackers, peanut butter, and cheese!!!
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I think you need to be careful of Chex Mix because of garlic? Maybe I'm insane but I thought I read that one. I think Chex Mix has garlic powder???? I'm sure someone who knows will chime in !
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Oh man when i get the easy cheese out for my pringles watch out,she loves a small taste of easy cheese.
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I've read that garlic is good for cats, and that you should add powdered garlic to their food to prevent urinary problems.
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No garlic is toxic to cats.

Onions, and Powders: Whether fresh, cooked or powdered, garlic and/or onions can be found among the ingredients of many prepared meals, including baby food. Garlic and onions can be toxic to cats and dogs because sulfoxides and disulfides found in them can damage red blood cells and lead to anemia. Onions are more problematic than garlic, but both should be avoided. If preparing a meal for yourself that will contain garlic or onions, consider preparing a side portion without these ingredients for your animals.
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It's so frustrating when you read so many things that contradict eachother. >.<

Oh well, she seems to be fine after her chex mix fest (although she seems a bit reclusive today).
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Munchkin likes popcorn. I figure people treats, given sparingly, arent going to do any damage
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Yep, any garlic or onion product is toxic to cats. Be careful if you ever have to give a cat baby food, like if they're sick. A lot of times they put onion powder in there.

Oh, that paragraph mentioned that!

meowqueensdaddy, that cracks me up that your cat only eats In-n-Out Burger fries. Now that's a cat with taste.

Albus loves just about anything- we always joke that he was the cat we had to force feed (he had Fatty Liver Disease when we got him) and now he'll eat anything.

My mom's cat loves beans- garbanzos, black, kidney, peas, any of them.

I've heard that cats shouldn't eat dog food, I think because it doesn't have taurine in it. Is that just they shouldn't eat it long-term? Sometimes Albus gets a dog treat and I just want to be sure that's okay.
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Freya loves yoghurt and pizza toppings...we found out the last by accident when my brother was visiting and we ordered pizza...when he went back for seconds he teased me about having picked all the cheese off the pizza, which I hadn't done...them we noticed Freya licking her lips and I swear I nearly had a heart attack.

Now, pizza boxes get closed and have something heavy put on top of them when no one's in the room...we'll still share a little yoghurt with her every now and then. it's one of the only things she begs for - she gets the big kitten eyes ala Puss in Boots off Shrek and reaches with one paw - it melts your heart.
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All kitties are genetically predisposed to love the cheesy poofs. It's scientifically proven, I kid you not.

However, my kittah is crazee.

The dumby will go nuts when I bust out some cookies. Then, when I'm eating something healthy like steamed vegetables and noodles the guy pesters me for some. So I'm thinking this guy doesn't realize that steamed up cauliflower will probably not be what his palate is anticipating.

I was wrong...

I tore a small piece and held it in my hand...the dumby started hammering it down! I wanted to see how far this would go, so I gave him a piece of carrot and next a piece of broccoli....both gone in a matter of seconds.

I scratched my head and was wondering if I had accidentally added sugar instead of salt as seasoning....Nope!

Silly crazy cats.
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My last cat, Oreo (RIP) LOVED Cambells Hearty Cream of Chicken soup. Whenever I prepared this for myself, he'd jump up on the stove and be whiskers deep in the pot if I wasn't watching it.
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Sunny flips for yogurt and loves cheese.
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