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How would you handle this??

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Hi - this is my first post... I've been through this situation before (sick, dying pet) but it's either come up very quickly or they obviously "gave up".... I guess I'm just hoping for a bit of support

Maggie found us 11-13 yrs ago - already grown and definitely a stray street kitty. She had scars on either side of her hips (burn?), a bb in her leg, and a torn eye lid, opaque gray teeth. But she was very social and quickly made her way into our home as a permanent resident!

This year we found out that she has hyperthyroidism, which we've been giving her medication for, but a couple of months ago she started having pus coming out of her eye and nose - which we found was a severe infection in her upper tooth - and bone. The vet removed as much as she could, but she said it was so bad she just couldn't take it all. The bone was crumbly she said. And the infection is in a place where it's hard for antibiotics to reach. She has a hard time breathing - sounds horrible - I have to give her thyroid meds, a children's decongestant (which she absolutely hates), antibiotics, antibiotic drops, plus I have a flower remedy, and a heavy duty decongestant that I can't use all of the time. She's losing weight because it's hard for her to eat - the wound in her mouth is not healing and has a large growth on it now - may be scar tissue going crazy or cancer. I feel so bad for her. And today, for the first time, I don't think she's eaten or drank anything.... she's under my bed and will move away from my hand when I try to reach under to touch her. Up until just now she's still been fighting.... I know better, but I can't help but feel like I'm letting her down. The vet is closed on Mondays, so I have to wait until tomorrow - but I'm afraid she won't even make it that long. I know she'd dehydrated too. Do I pull her out and try to force feed water or just let her be?

I know our pets don't live forever, but it's still so hard. I don't want her to suffer, but it will be so hard to bring her in tomorrow - if she even makes it through the night now. I just hate how incredibly, deeply sad I feel.

Thanks for listening!
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For me, I try to think about the quality of their life and do I think they are suffereing without a lot of hope for recovery. Its a tough decision to have to make. If you feel you've done the very best you can and have given her love and some happiness, then you have to make the decision for what is really best.

Sometimes we don't want to let go and we will prolong that decision.
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I had to do that with Yoshi in Jan.
The worse part is he was still alert but would not eat or drink no matter what.
I knew it was coming but still very hard.
You have to make the choice yourself.
Is there any Er you can go to?
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I have no words of wisdom for you, as I have no idea how I would handle that, but I know that you are facing a terribly difficult decision, and I can only imagine your pain. I wish you much peace, strength and many, many hugs during this time.
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