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Ok, who's next?

p.s. If this one isn't among our emoticons, it should be added!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I'm definitely not ready for that yet.
Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
I ought to slap your mouth for saying that!

Okay, I'm dying for Spring right now, and the thought of next Christmas makes me physically ill.
Boy... the flack I get! I'm ready for warm weather too!!

Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
We could always start a secret birthday friend club. I do enjoy looking at the presents everyone has received!
Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
WOO! Cool idea!
Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
I like that idea! When do we start?!
That is a cool idea! Though, you'd almost have to do one each month... Sign up the month in advance of your birthday, list the people who's birthday it's going to be, then sign up for people willing to send to those people (annon). And go on to the next month. It would be a lot or work, but really fun!

Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I've already been buying SS things for this year's Christmas!

I tried to shop from the list I was given by my SS recipient, but the list was very narrow and I was unable to really go by it. So I kind of went off on my own with shopping. For next SS hopefully I'll be able to get more from the list and throw in some extras, which is the idea behind my already starting to shop.
I do that as well.. Best way to get some GREAT deals!

Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post

Ok, who's next?

p.s. If this one isn't among our emoticons, it should be added!
I like that smilie!
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I just found a notice of attempted delivery! I'm so excited! I guess I should wait till it's in my hands..........There will definitely be pictures!
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I received my gift today! I can't thank my secret elf enough!!!!!!!! I actually refrained from opening the box right away to charge my batteries for my camera, it was difficult to be patient.
Here's some pictures!
After opening the box, Maia had to check all the awesomely wrapped gifts out!

Then some sick sense told me to open Maia's gift first.......

She loved it, and I mean loved it! Wouldn't leave it alone!
Heres all the amazing gifts I received.....

Then ofcourse one of Maia's favorite gifts of all.........

There was also a place mat for Maia's food and water, and a beautiful scarf that are my colors! The scented gift box, awesome! We absolutely love everything and can not thank you enough.
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Yay, Chey and Maia!!!

Mmm, Lindt...
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Oh yeah, I have to add how much I love the calender! Rachael Hale's photography and didn't have/desperately needed a calender for this year!
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Great gift!

Wow those toys look too cool!!! My kitties would LOVE those!
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Yay! I'm glad you finally got your gifts too, Cheylink!

Big kudos to the replacement elves for their kindness, and doing a wonderful job!
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Excellent gifts!

I've never seen toys like that before.
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good job elves!
Maia looks very pleased with them.
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Wonderful gifts!! I've been shopping too, I have a whole drawer of stuff with cat related themes or local crafts - but I always do my Christmas shopping through the year.
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I'm so glad you finally recieved your gift! Well worth the wait.
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I just lit my orange blossom candle and I love it! And Maia can't stop playing with her mouse and pillow! She fell asleep on top of them earlier!
Thank you again!
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