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Outdoor Cat Enclosures

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Hi Everyone, I am trying to find a couple of posts I saw maybe a year ago on one or two members building their own cat enclosures. I can't seem to find them but I am hoping anyone who has built an outdoor cat enclosure is still around and would answer this thread as to where I can find the pictures you posted of the enclosures you have built.

It is getting into fall now so I wouldn't really need to have it ready before spring of net year but one of my cats, Douglas, wants to go outside so badly and we just cannot let him due to the busy street we live on. We do give him loads of attention and play many games on a same routine basis, which he needs, but he still cries to go outside sometimes and it just breaks my heart

His brother who we have had and was from the same litter is perfectly happy to be an indoor only cat and has no desire to go outside and loves his indoor family.

So, could whoever built their own shelters please advise and hopefully show pictures? I would be extremely grateful. Thanks.

Deacon and Douglas' human
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I have not posted about our enclosure before, but will share these photos. Not very revealing. I can take some more if it will help.

This is connected to a breeze-way that goes into the garage. We enclosed the breeze-way and put a cat door that comes from the kitchen. Over the cat door we put a cabinet door painted the same color as the wall so it "disappears".

Around the bottom edge of enclosure where wire meets ground, we dug down about 6 inches and put the wire in this trench. Then put cement in trench to hold wire. That way no cat can dig out and no unwanted critter can dig in.

The round platform in the middle is a post wrapped in sisal rope and an opening at the top for them to sit on the platform.

I will take pics of specific areas if it will help. Hope this link works for photobucket.

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Thank you so much for sharing the photos. This is exactly what I had in mind. I just need to get some help, materials, ideas and no-how now.
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The previous post pictures look very helpful! If you have the yard to build an extended outdoor, enclosed area for your kitties this is great! It would basically be like a screened in porch but with kitty security. Another thing that can majorly help indoor kitties feel a part of the outdoors is window perches. Maia has a ramp and carpeted shelf inside a window frame that she loves to sleep and watch the birds and squirrels from!
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