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I just cant resist showing off...

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the newest members of my family.....I know this is the cat site, and i've received soo much help from members with my cats and I enjoy browsing around looking at the beautiful pictures of all the cats...but i just had to share.....

Honey had 10 babies Saturday night......was a REALLY long stressful night but all is going well ...

We've found excellent homes for 6 of them already. And they are sooo cute I dont think we'll have problems finding homes for the remaining 4

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Awwwwww Congratulations on the little babies, they are precious!!!
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Aww , are they rotties?
Jess x
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Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
Aww , are they rotties?
Jess x

Yep, Mom is a Rottie Mastiff cross and Dad Is a Rottie Black Lab Cross

We've had dad for a year when Mom was "ditched" on our farm in standing heat...It was NOT a planned breeding....

But we love them anyway!
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They are so lovely! And its great ur doing well with getting homes for them
Jess x
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Thank you so much. As hard as it will be to see them all go to new homes, Its just a must. I have kept the 2 kittens born in July, along with 3 other cats for a total of 5 cats ...........and now the 2 dogs and their babies for a total of 12 - very overwhelming....We have all the cats spayed/neutered except for the babies, cause vets around here wont do it until they are 6 months...

Now we have to get both dogs fixed as well.

Of course due to their sizes both dogs are outside dogs, never been in the house, but i just couldnt let her have the babies outdoors or in the doghouse cause its getting cold around here - actually snowed a bit yesterday - and I'm a huge worry wart and I'm scared babies will freeze!!! Plus with their being 10 babies i'm also worried all of them are not getting a chance to eat.

Its actually amazing the difference in the way dogs and cats take care of their babies!! Or maybe i just had a bad experience with my cat momma! lol
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they are to cute. How is Momma doing? keep pictures coming as they grow, PLEASE!!!
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well ...we had a bit of a bad run here the last 24 hours. We have lost 4 pups....mom is not producing enough milk and the little ones got weak. We tried to bottle feed...and they took it okay, but sadly they still didnt make it.

4 pups in less then 24 hours is very very depressing and hard to take for us and for mom - It just breaks my heart!

But......We still have 6 pups to take care of. Hubby and I have been getting up every 2 hours to feed the little ones and we are also letting them nurse on mom and we have noticed that the more they try hard to get milk the more she produces. So I normally allow them to nurse just before bottle feeding as I know mom's milk is best and I'll do anything I can to allow her to be able to produce that milk so they get the best from mom
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Wow the puppies are so adorable! Mom looks very pretty as well, I love Rotties

If she's having trouble producing more milk, perhaps you could feed her puppy food, and give her as much as she can take. I'm not sure if you're already doing this though... Poor mom, having 10 pups must be really taxing. I'm so sorry you've lost 4 little ones already... RIP Sweeties
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Thanks for your kind words.

Yep mom is on puppy food and started eating quite a bit here the last day. She has also increased her intake of water which hopefully help as well.

I have tried a few different tricks found on the internet and given to me from the vet to get her milk to come in but I have no idea how much she is actually producing.

The babies nurse when they can ( when she'll stay in there ) but still seem hungry after so Its so hard to tell whats going on...I always let them nurse before trying to feed them but they still suck back the milk in the bottle.

I think we are at the point where mom is getting lazy and we are having a hard time getting her to stay with them unless someone is sitting there the whole time...well thoes little guys would nurse 24 hrs a day so thats not an option. She does well with them at night because I sleep in the room with her and babies so she doesnt leave them.

We are trying to involve mom as much as possible to avoid her "giving up" on the babies. After feeding every puppy ( while mom sits there ) we give the baby to her to clean up and stimulate to potty and cuddle with......but as time goes on it seems to get tougher and tougher to make her do that.

But...........Pups are doing very well. They have fat little tummies and are growing like crazy!! So we must be doing something right. There is one pup who howls like a wolf every once in a while - but in a really soft whisper - really cute - and he was doing it last night and I dont know if it was the vibration or what it was but the rest of them started doing it after him. I know they cant hear yet so Im not sure why it was but it was very very cute...

Gonna be tough to give up these little guys after being so involved but at this point im just hoping to get them through the next couple weeks.
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Congratulations they are adorable. Hopefully Mom will come around. You must be very busy looking after those cuties.
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So sorry to hear about the pups. Bless you for taking the extra time and caring for them. Mega vibes for the remaining pups, mom, and you and DH.
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Just thought I'd update with a picture of the cute little puddle.

You can see some fat little bellies and pink tongues ... They are little piggies, I think they are coming along just fine

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and i've passed on all the vibes to mom and pups

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Thanks for updating, I have been thinking about all of you. They are quite a bundle of love. continuing being sent to you all!!!
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Well...this just keeps getting worse and worse.

On Tuesday morning as my kids jumped on the bus to go to school the bus pulled out of my driveway and ran over Honey ( Mom ) and she passed away. This has been a terrible and stressful couple weeks. My kids took it really really bad as they witnessed the whole thing and my teenage son ran off the bus to try and help her.

Now I've got 6 totally orphaned pups that we need to totally take care of, not that im complaining, but its very very hard after losing 4 and then mom.....

On a positive note, the pups are doing great - They will be 2 weeks tomorrow and weigh between 2 and 2.5 lbs each...gonna be some big buggers lol

Just thought I'd update....

I'll post some new pics of them soon so you can see how much they've grown!
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OMG that is absolutely horrible that you lost the mom... R.I.P. Momma, play happily over the bridge! Good thing you can take care of the orphans. Glad things are working out despite losing the mother...

Here are some vibes for the health of the pups
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I can't say how sorry I am about Honey!! I hope the pups will continue to do well. Please keep the pics coming. How are your kids? How are you?
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Thank you!

We are all doing much better. I think our Daddy Dog (Bear) took Honey's death the hardest. I have never seen an animal with such rage and depression. He actually tries to attack the bus now..we have to lock him up in the porch when the bus comes to pick up the kids.

The pups are doing well. I feel bad for posting so much about puppies on the cat site, but really...I have/had nobody else to talk to and share this all with and I felt comfortable coming here and always felt better leaving here....

The pups will be 3 weeks on Saturday, All weigh between 2.5 - 3 lbs each. All the eyes are open and they are moving around quite well.

If you check out the pic of our Honey at the beginning, can you tell which pup we are keeping? lol - despite breaking someone's heart cause they wanted her....lol

There are 4 females and 2 males and I cant get good pictures when they are awake cause they are soooo squirmy so all I have is sleeping pictures.

I have also included a pic of Daddy - Bear - so you can see where the big black heads and bodies come from..hehe

#1 Girl - Named HoneyBear from her new owners to be

#2- Girl - Named Matilda (Matty) from her new owners *hehe*

#3- Boy- Nameless ...going to DH's Uncle - both males are

#4- Boy- Temp. Named Brutus cause he's the big boy

#5 - Girl - Going to same person as puppy #1

#6- Girl - Going to DH's coworker

AND.....Here is Daddy...My Bear

Hope you all enjoyed and I wanna thank you for all your kind words and patience with me posting about dogs here.........I really appreciate it!
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So sorry to hear of your loss...the story made me cry. The puppies are beautiful. Many blessings to you and your family.
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This may be a cat site but we are all animal lovers at heart. I can't imagine how hard these past 3 weeks have been for you. Just one tragedy after another. RIP Honey... I hope you know your babies will be well loved. Bear is a very handsome dog and the puppies are so cute I could squish their fat little bellies. I their little wrinkled muzzles. It's no wonder you had homes for 6 of them in the first week!
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Glad to hear all is going so well. All the puppies look very healthy. Hope Bear will calm down, I wouldn't want that bus to get him. He is a really stunning dog. How much does he weigh? He looks like a pretty big boy.
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Bear just come home from the vet on Wednesday. He was updated on his shots and treated for everything that may affect the pups as we want to get him involved with the pups but want to make sure he wont make them sick. He was also neutered and had his dew claws removed. The vet weighed him and he was 94 lbs!! So yeah, he's a big boy!! Got a HUGE head.
We have brought him around the pups, but under the advice NOT nose to nose yet, so he's sniffed rear ends and last night he was going bonkers cause he justs wants to love em up but we keep him away somewhat, It was like he was shivering cause his teeth were chattering he was so excited, it was soooo funny!!!!! He actually stimulated on of the pups to potty, I was shocked!

I forgot to add on my update that unfortunately the pups had to be seperated cause they were sucking on each other. I hated to do that but vet said we had to.

Yesterday we actually let them try and eat a gruel....I thought it was too early, but vet said it was okay, so we did......WHAT A HUGE MESS!! LOL

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They are getting bigger & cuter with every picture. Glad everyone is doing well. Bear sounds like he is one good daddy.
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Just a quick update. Pups are all doing great. They are just over 5 weeks now and very active and playful. They even play with my kittens...who are not thrilled about it at times lol

My Matty - This is the one we are keeping

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Oh my gosh, they are precious! Funny that your 5 week old puppies are the same size as your kitties!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Oh my gosh, they are precious! Funny that your 5 week old puppies are the same size as your kitties!
LOL exactly...and thoes kittens are 4 months old.

Thanks to whoever moved my post here...I didnt even see this section before, this is awesome! I dont feel like such a goof posting on a cat site anymore about my new puppies...Going to go check out everyone elses babies now....lol
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Thanks for updating, the puppy your keeping is adorable. How is Bear doing?? The kittens do look a little irratated by that big intruder.
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Bear is doing much much better thanks!

Out of 5 cats...only one will tolerate the pups and that is Tiger. The rest go bananas when we let them out of the box to roam around. Tiger lets them chase him and bite and play with him....he loves it! Lily tries to hide most of the time but they always seem to sniff her out lol

We have to cart all 6 pups to the vet on friday for shots and a check up. The people at the vets office are so excited to finally see them after everything thats gone on but it should be an interesting 1 hour ride with these terrors lol
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Your Puppies are adorable They grow so quickly. Give them all a big snuggle
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