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3 of my GED test results are in

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So last week I took 3 of my GED tests and I got the results in today.

800 (perfect score) in reading
610 in Social Studies (not as high as I would like but good)
620 in Science
cumulative score so far a 2030

You have to score at least a 420 or 450 on each test to pass. And you have to have a cumulative score of at least 2250 to get your GED. So I am very happy and so are a lot of my teachers. Quite a few of them gave me hugs when I got my results. I am very happy and almost there. I do have to go and talk to the head examiner because my results came back in my maiden name instead of my married name. He said it has to do with a paper I filled out 7 years ago. I just have to fill something out and they have to fax it in.
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wow, that's fantastic!! Congratulations!!!
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Thank You.

I pulled the paper out about the scoring on the tests. Here is what it says:

"A standard score of 410 on each of the tests and an average standard score of 450 is required on all 5 tests (2250 total points). If you do not score at least 2250 on the test you may retake individual parts of the tests."

So far my average score between those 3 tests is 676.6 so I am in good shape.
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That's so wonderful!! Congratulations!!
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You're doing great! Congratulations!
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I was out of town when you posted, CONGRAT'S you did great!! Keep up the good work.
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I did my writing practice test. I missed 4 questions on the practice test and scored a 3.5 out of 4 on my essay. Between those 2 if I had taken that test today I would have scored a 590 on that test.

Still studying my math. Really its just geometry (area, perimeter, etc) and angles that make me wanna scream. But as long as I make 410 on that I am golden.
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When do you take the last two tests?
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Congratulations!! I can tell you are going to ace the other test.
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Congrats! What are your plans after this (if you don't mind my asking)?
I wish I had realized how the GED worked sooner because I spent a lot of time doing a home study course and I probably could have just taken the GED a few years sooner instead... I took the GED and then took the entrance exam right away and went to university but if I'd known you could do that I would have done it sooner!
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Goldycat: I take my other 2 tests Nov. 10

Nekochan: I am going to get a diploma in Business Office Technology specializing in Medical Offices. As a matter of fact I just bought some books ,used, at the college today that will give at least an idea of what my classes will look like. Well at least a few of them anyways.

The social organization of work
fundamentals of business communcations
exploring psychology (I get to take some psychology when I go for the degree)
the language of medicine
facts and fallacies (just for fun. Its a educational type book)
Mysteries of the past (same as above)

The teachers that were there when I bought them were surprised that I bought these type books instead of fiction.
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