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R.I.P Shiloh

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My cat is not doing well, she has cancer and is not eating. and has a few other health probelms. We are going to have her humanely euthanized today
to end her suffering.
R.I.P my kitty
Here is a pic i took of her today she is sick so she dont look her self, especialy her eyes poor baby.
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Bless her little heart, i'm so sorry I must admit she does look sad and empty in her picture the poor baby

You've looked at her and you can see she's ready, and i can only imagine how hard that must be for you

How old is Shiloh?

I'll light a candle to help Shiloh on her way, but she'll be ok once she crosses the bridge don't worry

Have a safe and fast journey across the bridge Shiloh

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I'm so sorry, sweetie. I know what a hard decision this was for you.
Rest peacefully, dear Shiloh.
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my heart goes out to you. it is such a painful decision even though it is the best one for your baby.

Run swiftly across the bridge little one.
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she is 16 very close too 17 though
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were taking her att 5:15, I'm going to be balling my eyes out once its time to take her. I dont ever remember not having her with me, I've had her since i was 3 and im 19 now so shes been with me almost my whole life.
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I'm so sorry you have to part with your pal. I'm sure many people here will be thinking of you at that time.

Sounds like you've been a very good owner. She's been lucky to have you, just as you've been lucky to have her.
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you did the loving thing for sweet Shiloh. she's happy & healthy once more, chasing over the bridge. here's a for her, as well...
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So sorry you have to do that.
I knew Yoshi was not coming back when I took him Jan 11 and could not stop crying.
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Originally Posted by catlover1o1 View Post
she is 16 very close too 17 though
Bless her heart I imagine by now Shiloh is well on her way across the bridge by now if she hasn't already arrived

Let us know your ok?
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I'm so sorry about Shiloh. May she RIP. I wasn't able to view her photo. It said I don't have permission to view it.
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R.I.P sweet Shiloh. Believe me, I know how difficult and painful this is for you and I'm very sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard that was for you. Rest in Peace Shiloh.
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Play happily over RB, Shiloh - you are healthy and whole again!!
Condolences on your loss- Shiloh lived long enough to see you safely through those tumultuous pre-teen and high school years, until you reached adulthood- a job well done Heaven will surely give her a just and wonderful reward
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