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Job offer - can they withdraw it?

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I have been offered a new job, based on satisfactory references and completion of a medical questionnaire. I'm not worried about the references, they should be fine, but the medical bit concerns me. It's very in depth and they want to know what meds I'm on. I'm on an anti-depressants and beta blockers for tension headaches & anxiety, and I used to have panic attacks. I also have arthritis, which is totally under control now, and none of my medical conditions will affect me ability to do the job, but still I'm really worried - can they withdraw their job offer if they don't like my medical records?
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It's law in the UK now that they have to employ people with a disability if you know what i mean?, so you being on medication shouldn't put too much of an obstacle in the way, otherwise they can be done for discrimination.

This link is worth looking at

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Thanks! That made me feel less nervous
I guess I'm also just nervous about changing jobs as it's a tricky economic time too.
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I don't know why they would do the questionnaire if it had nothing to do with the hiring process. I say they could probably not hire you based on the medical stuff...but what you have going on doesn't seem like something thats a big deal to an employer in my opinion.
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Thanks. I'm not sure why they do it either. Maybe it's just routine checks, like the references, I think it's pretty standard.
Although I'll be working at the conference centre on site, the company is a scientific research company - they do a lot of work on DNA too.
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I had a job offer withdrawn in February due to unsatisfactory references This was to work in one our major Hospitals. They told me the reason being was because of my absence record being poor...and my reply to that was I had a valid sick note from the doctor, and my previous employer wasn't happy with that.

They still withdrew it though But I am still trying to get into the Hospital, only in a different department. Oh yeah, my records have improved now! Phew!
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