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Found a Cell Phone This Morning

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Well this morning I left here at 7:30 to go run/walk. Anyway, I saw this pink Razor laying on the ground on the sidewalk and thought it was kind of strange. I thought about calling someone on their address list right at that moment but I thought, it's still early maybe they'll realize they lost it and come back and get it. So I set it back down where I found it and kept walking and my path comes right back over that same spot where I found it. I started thinking about it and said to myself, "if it's still there when I cross back over where it was, then I'll call someone on the phone to let them know I found it". Well anyway, of course it was still there when I got back to that spot so I found a listing that said Mom Ice...I have no idea what the Ice meant maybe a last name or something, but I'd rather call a relative than someone that doesn't know the person as well and can't get a hold of them. So anyway, I called her mom and luckily she answered, but it's like she thought I was stalking her at first . " How did you get my number?!", she said. Uhhh..."I looked it up in the contacts list and decided to call a relative of the person". That and I had to explain that I had found the phone laying on the sidewalk where someone could steal it or it get rained on (I felt a few drops when I was out there). She understood what was going on after the second time I explained it. Long story short she just lived two houses down from where I was standing, so I just told her mom I was going to set it on the front porch so other people cannot get to it or it get wet or even stepped on. Hopefully she doesn't step on it herself when she gets home or someone doesn't come up there and take it.
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Well done for returning it!

My mum is under MUM ICE ICE= in case of an emeragancy!!!

Lol i returned a phone the other day and the person paid me for returning it , i didnt want to take the money though lol!

Jess x
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Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
Well done for returning it!
......Very good my friend!........
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Yep, everyone should have an ICE entry on their phone just in case.

I actually have 2 on mine, home and a cell phone but just have them under ICE1 and ICE2 with the numbers in again under the people's names.
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My brother and I found a Palm Treo phone last winter. It was REALLY lucky we found it. We were going out to eat and we decided to walk because it wasn't that far, even though it was snowing. My brother spotted the phone in an alley near my house. If it had been later we never would have seen it because it was getting dark and the phone was getting covered in snow. It probably would have either been run over or the wet snow would have ruined it. We took it to the restaurant and then tried to figure out who it belonged to. Luckily the Palm has "owners information" on it so we were able to call the owner's home. His wife answered, and I explained how we had found the phone. The man came to the restaurant to pick it up and thanked us profusely and then insisted on paying for our meal!
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I was walking with a friend in a park with a lake and we sat on a bench to enjoy the view. Two teenage guys passed us and we all said, "Hello" to each other.

My friend and I left the park and I couldn't find my phone. I called it and someone answered that they had the phone back at the park and we could meet them in the parking lot. It turns out that it was the same two teenage guys who said "Hello." Reaffirmed my faith in teenagers.
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