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The Daily Thread October 13th, 2008

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Hello Everyone

Its another non typical fall day here. Temps to reach 80F with an air quality alert posted for the eastern half of Wisconsin.

A couple of errands before and after work today, if I don't spend much time here this morning I could squeeze out a bit of yard work.

Finished ceiling grid #8 yesterday afternoon and will start on #9 this week. The room finally looks lighter with the trusses mostly covered up again.

Bakker and Grizzlie in house-Bobs was eating a mouse in the garage (yuck!).

Have a good start to the work week!!
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Morning All!!!

It is also going to be another nice day here as well. Today is the Thanksgiving holiday here so most places are closed.

Nothing much planned for the day, have several chores to do around the house this morning, dusting, litter boxes, dishes, etc. This afternoon I may go for a walk on the fitness trail to enjoy the nice weather.

The weather west of us which we should be receiving about Weds or Thurs looks pretty nasty so I had better get my hiking in now.

The kitties are good this morning, very wound up and were tearing around the house like banshee's earlier. They have settled down a bit since breakfast but are still eyeing each other up so it could start all over again any minute.

Everyone have a great day
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It's kind of humid outside today at 80% humidity. It's also very cloudy and dark outside right now. Right now it's 72 degrees and it will be a high of 88 today with a 30% chance of rain today. When is that cooler weather going to get here?! I'm ready to start making some chili, but right now it's still too warm for that. At least for me.

Today I'm planning on cleaning the house and I have to pick up a prescription at Walgreens, figure out how I'm going to cook the fish I bought yesterday and then go to the store to get whatever I don't have here to make it and then cook it tonight. I already exercised earlier by run/walking 2.5 miles. I was praying I wouldn't get rained on since I kept feeling water droplets on my face.
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Happy Columbus day!..
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Woke up to rain. I guess I won't be mowing the lawn today after all. It would be a good day to tackle the cellar cleaning. I have so much junk down there that we never use. Time to clean out..
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I woke up this morning and got ready then went to my yoga class. It was a hard class today!

After class I came home and tried to make a calzone....that went horribly wrong So I ordered one from our local Italian place and brought it home Today I put in a few more job applications online and called a few more places then I did things around the house. I cought up on some laundry, did the dishes, and put another coat of primer on the bathroom walls.
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