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We had an imposter!

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We had an imposter!

I was watching a movie yesterday afternoon, we had the back door open as it was sunny and the girls were wandering in and out. I was really sleepy and was kind of dozing when I heard Villy come in and use her scratching matt. I thought it sounded like she was scratching a lot harder than usual, and looked over and there was Villy and ANOTHER BLACK AND WHITE CAT! Villy wasn't bothered at all - she was just standing watching - as if she was showing a friend around her house! It was so surreal! I picked up the intruder and put him or her outside. Villy still wasn't bothered at all, but when Roxy saw him she puffed up her tail and yowled at him. Then Villy thought maybe she should do something too so puffed herself up too and did a little meow! The intruder wasn't bothered in the slightest so I just shooed him away before a fight broke out.
He had a collar on and looked as though he was looked after, but had no name tag so I don't know where he came from.

Is it possible that Villy has a friend? She didn't seem too impressed that someone else had used her matt - she was sniffing around everywhere. The other cat wasn't a tom, and didn't spray or anything, but still it must be confusing to Villy?
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Awwwww she's brought her friend around for tea and you never gave them any treats?! You never know they might be friends?.

I hope he hasn't got lost if you've never seen him before?
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Awww that's so sweet!

In my old house my cat Lydia was always with next doors cat, he would wait outside the back door for her and everything!
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Bless - she really did look like she was having a friend round and she was showing him/her around!

I hope he's not lost too There's a lot of cats in our neighbourhood though, and the people accross the street have just got two new cats - both black and white -so it could have been one of them, out for the first time and having a look around........I'll ask them if I see them. (The humans not the cats! )
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When i was young, and if one of my friends knocked on me to go out to play my mum would answer and say "No, not just yet, she's having tea so come back in an hour" You reminded me of that with Villy and sending her friend home
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Aaaah bless! My kitty has a little friend. The little black cat that lives quite a way down the track (it is quite rural where we are) and this little black cat comes to play. Al will see him and go out and they play in the garden and run around together, its so sweet to see. I know whose cat it is so its fine. My cat is so sociable its unbelieveable!
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