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My 6 year old tabby scratched up the old carpet on our stairs and we finally had to get new carpet. Now he's scratching up the new carpet. He won't use a scratch pad (one of those long, cardboard-like things with the cat toy on a spring at the end) and we do keep his nails trimmed like we're supposed to. He doesn't scratch on furniture yet but we feel like it's only a matter of time. How can we stop him from causing so much damage with this scratching???? HELP!!!
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You can get SoftPaws, which are little plastic covers, to glue over his claws. They're available at PetSmart for about $20 for enough for a number of months. There are other solutions that the experts will probably suggest, too. But once they start scratching in a given spot, it's hard to change that behavior.
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Here are some great suggestions. I have tried these with my 'scratchers'.



Hope that helps.
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Theere is a product called "Indoor No Scratch". It works like a dream. It is a scentless (to humans), all natural spray, that cats just do not like the taste of when it gets on their paws. It works fantastically and you can buy it at just about any pet store. Best of luck.

Rob & Sport
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Try the SoftPaws nail caps.
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Thanks! I think I'll try the SoftPaws.
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