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My babies

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I finally got some pics on the comp so I thought I would share....

This is Max, my big boy

This is Bosco, my silly baby lol

This is Pumkin, my semi feral

This is Bear, my little clown

and this is Bailey, one of our strays we take care of. If you can't notice in the pic, he has one deformed ear.

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Originally Posted by Kaylacat View Post

this is just so cute! He looks like he's waving to the camera saying hi
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So cute! I love the one waving too!
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Awww so cute. Love the waving pic hehe
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Thanks everyone. Yeah thats my favorite pic of Bosco too. Caught him at the right time and it shows his personality well lol.
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Your fur family are all precious. That waving pic is perfect
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