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Update on Ginger Tom

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Ginger Tom continues to make good progress and is really the most loving cat. He spends time on my lap and has really adopted one of my new fosters. It is so funny to see the two gingers together, both extremes of size. I am no nearer finding him a home - but he is still fighting like crazy under the door with Wellington and Bonaparte so I think keeping him is not a option.

Here he is by himself. You can still see his misshapen left paw, but it seems to give him no trouble now.

And with the new ginger kitten, who has become quite attached to him!
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What a spirited little face he has!! He's so handsome, and the picture of him and the kitten is awesome!
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Awwwwwww! he has a sweet face! And that piccie of him and the baby - they could be father and son - but I guess in this instance it's big and baby brother!

Is he fixed yet? Do you think that would help with the fighting? I wonder if that has to do with him having to fend for himself for a while?
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Oh I love that face. What an absolute sweetheart. And look at him with the kitten, that is soooooo sweet
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OMG, what a sweetheart he is! The picture of him and the little guy is just adorable.
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Oh Lord, what a face...he looks like he's very wise as if he knows the meaning of life

That picture of him and the kitten is adorable, they look so sweet together
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How sweet! He is such a handsome boy. I wish the others would let you keep him since the little one is so attatched.
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Ohhhhhhh both those photos made me

I love that he seems to have a little squished up face on a big head, it makes him look even more adorable!

And the photo with the kitten!!! OMG. What a wonderful boy to take the little guy under his paw. I think it should be a condition of adoption that they go together
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Well. the good news is that the kitten got adopted this afternoon - his first session at the Shelter. But the shelter don't even want to try with Ginger, they say there are just too many adult gingers there already. And yes, he is now neutered - over a month ago. My two big boys are as aggressive to him as he is to them - they were scared of him for so long that it would take a miracle to change that now.
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Ginger Tom is a lovely boy. Sweet to see him with the little guy -- too bad they can't stay together.
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So sad that they can't stay together. So so sweet. Glad he is doing better.
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What a shame they feel there are too many adult gingers - it is a colour we rarely get, so they dont normally stay for long, the two in the summer were a one off, but I think it was just timing, the one I got on NEw YEars Eve was here all of 2 weeks!!
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