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Alternatives to Worlds Best?

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Hi All,

i've been using Worlds Best Cat Litter for about 15 months now, initially the standard variety and now the multi cat variety ( i have 3 cats ) but i was hoping someone could recommend a good alternative?

i live in an apartment so having the convenience of something that flushes is a must!

I'm looking to change the litter because of the smell....i find after 3 - 4 days the litter really starts to stink and if you bend down to litter level within 5 metres it really oozes round the house lol

its regularly sifted as i work from home and given its premium price tag i'd rather a 15kg bag lasted 30 days!

any thoughts on something else i could try would be appreciated,

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After finally getting search to work i see many have the same problem!

i've bought some Cats Best Nature Gold to try as it gets decent reviews as well as seeming well suited to long hairs ( i have 2 maine coons and a wegie )

will report back if its any better!
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We are using wood stove pellets now. However, you mentioned about flushing litter. IMO I would not do that on a regular basis. Eventually it will stop up the toilet and you are looking at major problems. Even if you live in an apartment and don't have the pay the bill, its not right to be doing this.

You will have to just put the litter in a bag and take it down to the trash.
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I've used a flushable litter a looooong time ago with my ex's cat (at his apartament). I think arm and hammer made it. I remember the box said you were only supposed to flush like one clump at a time or something. I'm not sure I trust it though. If I was to use it again, I'd probably take a clump and see how it dissolved in a bucket of water or something, and then determine if it was safe for a toilet.
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Chicken feed. Specifically layer crumbles. First ingredients are usually corn and wheat or wheat and corn. I can buy a 50lb bag for about $15. It clumps and flushes. Go to a feed store and buy one of the small 1-5lb bags and test it out for yourself.

Take care
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I've tried World's Best, and can't say I like it. For one thing, after it gets damp is starts to smell like Sour Mash Whiskey; after using it for a few days, the cat starts smelling like Sour Mash Whiskey. I don't like Sour Mash Whiskey, but even if I did, I'd want it in a glass over ice, not on my cat!
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